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  1. Racing along to a finish, I don't think I'm going to make it. Here's a couple of shots from the middle and end of the painting session that ended today - sadly, some of the Barley Grey on the underwing was damaged by the tape (old Kabuki, with dodgy glue). No big deal, she's going to be weathered anyway, might as well use it as a learning tool. I've still got to add the bare metal sections, the decals and the various odd coloured panels (aerial fit etc) to the airframe, as well as painting the gear wells and putting her up on her legs, which are ready for installation. I'm going to give it a darn good try... Humbrol MetalCote dries quickly, and superglue is a saviour. Photos. Some masking in place. [post=20150104_120249 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] [post=20150104_120230 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] General view after masking removal. [post=20150104_155248 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] Underside after masking removed. [post=20150104_155345 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] Damaged paint. [post=20150104_155403 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post]
  2. I thought I'd nominated for this one, but it doesn't look like it. I'm in with either a Tamiya B1 bis, or the Amusing Hobby Neubaufahrzeug Pz.Kpfw. VI. Or maybe something else... Either way, add me if you would be so kind.
  3. Europe's The Final Countdown... hair metal at its most... silly isn't the word I want, but it's all that comes to mind (seeing as I didn't have a tertiary education.) In my mind, it is indelibly tied into the final episode (1987) of the Australian Broadcasting Commission's TV music programme 'Countdown'. The song played in the background behind all the spoken bits, and it was indeed a sad time when the final credits rolled, as I'd grown up with Countdown. None of this has any bearing on anything, mind you, it's just the ramblings of an oldish bloke. I'm going to go and listen to some Led Zep now.
  4. If only Enzo, if only... I need to meet a rich woman who will keep me in the style to which I would like to become accustomed, and then I'll have lots of free modelling time. Work does take up so much time.
  5. For anyone planning an Aussie Vietnam Centurion build, this may be of some help in getting the details correct. http://www.mheaust.com.au/Aust/Research/Cent091/Cent%20evolution.htm and a link to useful bits (note that the idlers are remaining stock only). http://www.mheaust.com.au/MHE/Resin/MA/MA%20Centurion.htm
  6. I'm still undecided... I have the usual complement of Mirages, various types, some of them in quite striking Tiger Meet markings, an old Heller Alouette III, sundry bits of Froggie armour and one or two F1 cars as well. We'll see what strikes my (French) fancy when the time arrives.
  7. Turning the fan around won't make it blow the other way, but it WILL make it inefficient if it has curved blades. And anyone who works on Minis, for fun or profit, needs their head read. George, your build is an incredible triumph over adversity - I'm half tempted to chase one of these down to have a crack at it myself, to see if I can surmount the obstacles with as good a grace as you present. I doubt I'd manage it though.
  8. Nice work Mish, I'll refer to your build as inspiration for when I start mine... one day, soon.
  9. Yay, I made 2 pages! Update: Overburgers are on the wings, canopy is masked and on (I remember now why I stopped doing 1/72th aircraft...), paint has been applied to the airframe - black over the canopy frames and Barley Grey under the wings. Hopefully it will be OK for masking and the next colour before bed tonight! If so, things should just work out, if not, then the chance is very small that it will be done in time (even though I get an extra 10 hours). I'll still finish it off though.
  10. I did actually play around with variations on Thyme... but Layt is actually in the phonebook, so.... And thank you. I'm hoping it will be done in time and still look OK. For some of us, the corner shop is more than 300km away. Luckily, I'm not one of them. My job however, is that far away. Downside, working New Year's Day and not getting to work on my Frightening, upside, double time and a half for the public holiday - made it hard to say no. And get a move on man, time is running out! I think that that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about one of my models Duncan. Are you sure you're posting on the correct thread? Truth be told, it's just some simple blocks of colour (done in the morning while I can see and don't have a shake), and then a few layers of ink used as a wash. And it's def not a 48th plane driving guy, I can tell you!
  11. Good grief. Possibly the most imaginative and best looking TSR.2 scheme I have ever seen. Well done sir, well done.
  12. Hey Pat, how's this going me old china? I've got a couple of day's forced hiatus, so you should be able to power ahead. If I can do it, so can you... race you to the finish!
  13. Update. Things have been progressing well. The wings and empennage went on last night and, mercy of mercies, have set up in their correct positions. Today was 'paint the pilot' day, as well as continuing with all the detail bits and bobs. To that end, the canopy was prepared and Futured, the missile rails were installed, the Red Tops were converted to training rounds (if anyone can give me a colour on these, I'd be a happy bunny ), the seat was painted up and the wheels and gear were painted. All was on target for a well-timed finish until late this afternoon, when work called... instead of having the rest of the week off, I have to pack a bag and go for a wee drive in the country, to spend a couple of days fixing whatever it is that the client broke. Yay. Given that the job is 300km away, and that we work 12 hour shifts and don't go home in between, I'm scuppered for more modelling until Saturday morning my time. Which will make things a bit tight, me thinks. Still, if I can get a good clear run at it on Saturday and Sunday, it should just squeeze in, although the decals may be wet when I take the final photos. Here's some progress pics. First the bird herself, just to show that I'm progressing... [post=Lightning overview by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] [post=Lightning side view strake by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] and the pilot. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present SQNLDR Ronan Layt RAAF, on detachment to RAF 11Sqn because frankly, no-one wanted him back home. Ronan Layt 1crop by RobG67, on Flickr He's a little dusky, but a few months of English summer will no doubt sort that right out. (ie, I'm going to have to run a little bit of a highlight over the old boat race.) Ciao for now, see you Saturday.
  14. I say let him play. Corroguard is indeed a special case. (Not that my opinion counts for much. ) In other news, I just remembered another possible subject that I have for this build. http://www.andreadepotusa.com/en/1/andrea-miniatures/111/series-general/1672/sg-f58-virtual-fighter.html Shame it's not Trinity, but oh well. Feedabck on eligibility or otherwise welcome.
  15. I'd love one (or more) of these.. but the price here is somewhat offputting. No doubt I will end up with at least one. Great build, it looks superb! And can you imagine having to climb up that ladder and make the long walk over the intake...
  16. Lovely work. I have a couple in the stash that I should make an attempt at, but seeing this sort of work is not encouraging.
  17. Right, update time. It's been a busy couple of days away from the bench, but things have moved on. Nose weight added, cockpit is painted and decalled (such as it can be), fuselage is together, nose and tail bits are on and faired in, and all the seams are made good. I'm actually quite happy with the way it looks so far. I'm glad I spent the time doing the airbrakes, they look much better than the modified kit originals. They fit tight enough that they won't need glue, which will give me the option of taking them out to fix them if they prove to be ugly when the top coats go on... [post=20141230_000734 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post] And here she is, in the jig while the wings set up. Empennage later tonight or maybe first thing tomorrow, then on with the canopy and first colour! [post=20141230_204550 by RobG67, on Flickr][/post]
  18. Far superior to Karen Gillan... you sir, are a lucky, lucky man. (I haven't watched Dr Who since they canned it first time around, but now that I have seen Ms G, I may have to catch up on some of the newer seasons. ) Oh, and the plastic has been assembled well.
  19. I was just being silly and playing with words Feoffee2. If the mods will allow you in with a mostly black All Black's plane, I'm completely OK with it. Cheers from the West Island.
  20. Some days are just not worth bothering with. Never mind, life happens. And I'm not being fussy, I'm being careful... however, modelling has to take a break today, off to town to do stuff. Hopefully I'll get a good run at it this arvo. As for bragging about being single... there are times when it's good, and times when it's about the worst thing in the world. And as I age, I really wish I had someone to continue the lineage. Oh well, too late to worry about it now. Decals you are welcome to. The tinnie, too. Although it's been in the fridge a while, I haven't had a drink for over 25 years... you might want to take it to a party and leave it there.
  21. Ahh, but is the All Black's plane all black, or plain? Or would the fact that it's an All Black's plane make it all white to call it all black? (Ignore me, I'm in a silly mood.)
  22. Update. (Note - no photos, coz of reasons what will become clear.) Early awake yesterday morning, straight into the painting. Threw some colour onto the pilot (who is, as yet, anonononymously nameless), and then grabbed some very dark grey and splashed it around the cockpit (such as it is). Seeing as I had the dark grey out, I dabbed a bit onto the tyres as well. After it dried, I dropped a dash of Future onto the 'instrument panel' in preparation for the first decal of the build. While the Future dried, I looked at the decal... and realised that a black cockpit was probably not strictly according to Hoyle, as the instruments would all disappear against the black. Yeah, always read the instructions, even when you know what you're doing... an overcoat with a medium grey has ended up with an approximation of a Lightning cockpit colour, which is appropriate, and the area is only an approximation of a Lightning cockpit. A bit of Googly research on the shape of overwing tanks led me off down a varied and interesting path of aviationary avenues, most of them in no way related to Lightnings, Group Builds, Hasegawa kits or even modelling. When I returned a few hours later (yes, it was a long deviation), I had discovered that the supplied tanks are not what one would call correct, but I decided to just trim them up a bit at the rear end and leave them be. Hoping to make some progress on the airframe, I decided to check the instructions (!!) and see which of the strakes were to fit on which side. Starboard 35, port 34, check. Offered up 35, went to look for 34... nada. Hmm. Check again. Nope. Something fishy here (at first I blamed Mr Jockney, who may have been exacting some small measure of revenge for my having a complete kit, but I realised that that was silly - if I was going to nick bits, it would be something hard to reproduce, like an undercarriage leg. Or a canopy). I checked the photos I'd taken for the GB (prior planning prevents poor performance), and saw that yes, the part I was seeking was actually there at the beginning... a bit of thunking had me working out that I'd probably lost it down the laundry drain when I washed the sprues. So it was off with the U-bend, 'just in case' it had managed to resist the flood and float above the tide. A bit of plumbing later, and I discovered that not only do my drains need a good cleaning, but that I was in for a bit of scratchbuilding, as well. Ho Hum. A request was duly sent to BaE Workbench, were the fitters had a fit, and duly knocked up a replacement from a bit of sheet. It'll look OK under a coat of paint, guv'nor, honest. Thick paint, mind, thick paint. Airbrakes... decided to do a final fit and glue of these, then after fiddling around with them for a while, and flush with the success of the replacement strake, I just couldn't stand the gaps. The rest of the afternoon (and half the night... good thing I'm single) was devoted to various investigations into ways to make the airbrakes look pukkah. I'm not into scribing, so piling Miliput into the hole and sorting the edges later was not going to happen. Much Googling (again - what did we do before t'interwebz were invented??) and I decided I'd run with the ancient and noble technique of mixing superglue and baking soda to make a solid putty. Off up the local shop to acquire baking soda (abbr BS), and I started working on ways (can you see where this is going?) to make the infill removable so as to facilitate ("Oooh" cried the crowd in awe) the trimming and fettling of said infill. I played about with various combinations of aluminium foil, from the kitchen cupboard, drink powder tin seals and even Bare Metal, but to no avail - things just wouldn't.stay.were.they.were.supposed.to!! It was getting late by this time, and I had one of those Eureka moments that afflict the terminally stupid from time to time - an oil based release agent would work, wouldn't it. Hunted high and low for petroluem jelly (which I KNOW I have), ended up with a tube of fishing reel grease. A deft swipe onto the inside of the fuselage (as a test - just like Manuel, I learn, I learn), followed by superglue and BS, proved the concept, and I started on the airbrake well. After getting the port side cast and mostly cleaned up, I decided that it was time to call it a night... In summary, progress yesterday. Part painted a pilot, painted a cockpit (twice), painted all 3 tyres, filed a bit off the ends of the overwing tanks, scratchbuilt one strake, moulded one airbrake. No-one died and I'm not on fire, so it was a good day! Pat, I have both paint delivery systems, but prefer the airbrush for larger areas - the hairy stick tends to dry off much too quickly here, leaving an (even more than usually) shoddy paint job. I have tried adding extender to acrylics, and while it seems to work very well in the airbrush, it doesn't help with the paint brush. I do brush smaller areas, such as pilots. And wheels. And well, small things. And even if you nick me decals, I have spares in the decal folder. Nyah, nyah, nyah.
  23. Legality-wise, I think it's going to depend on which country you live in, and if you're in the USA, possibly even which state (or county!) may make a difference. When in doubt, check local legislation and consult a real lawyer.
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