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  1. 'The Fallen Madonna'... thank you gentlemen, you have once again (unwittingly) solved a small problem for me. I've been looking for inspiration as to which stolen paintings to put in the back of a fleeing SS staff car in a small diorama I have in mind. The Van Klomp (Clump? Whichever) is perfect. Dang I love this bar place.
  2. Proper pukka Porsches have rear engines and look like they belong on racetracks. Those current model barns on wheels are just... wrong. If people want SUVs, they can buy from that discount German brand, BMW...
  3. Twin Lewis guns? Sigh, you crazy kids and your souped-up hot rods. There's some serious work going into this old warhorse, and you're doing a rather good job of it. Keep it up, sir!
  4. I had a 32th Matchbox Lysander - nice kit, but there's a lot to do to bring it up to any sort of modern detailing level. I sold it a local club swap meet a few years ago. (I've still got the Tiger Moth though.) Re the Windsor&Newton latex - it *is* actually meant to be applied to paper for artistic works, not plastic for modelling, so I've always assumed that the warning is there to stop artists tearing the base paper on their artworks. And good work on the wee Lizzie - it's looking F.A.B.
  5. 928s and 944s are not really proper Porsches. That said, Revell did one way back when that was a bit better than the usual standard of Revell car kits - it had much finer detail. I have a part-built one from 20-odd years ago that is halfway converted to a drag car. It's still OK. Not sure where you'd get one these days though.
  6. Ain't life odd... I'd never heard of this ship until last week when this model showed up in a eBay listing I was looking through. Did some research, only to find that they'll only build three of them, and there's lots of questions about what to do with them (to paraphrase quite a few in-depth articles). And now here's a model, completed and on BM. Well done, you've made a bland modern warship look pretty good. They somewhat of remind me of pre-dreadnoughts, with that tumblehome hull and the ramming bow. I wonder how they'd look with casemated guns along the sides...
  7. 20 years ago? Wow... I have one on the shelf of doom, I must finish it - still one of the best kits ever made, imo.
  8. It takes me a month to finish a cockpit... this is too fast, you might as well do it in Lego. Looking good.
  9. Velly, velly nice - these may tempt me into looking at 72th WW1 aircraft again.
  10. 1. Put hand on bench. 2. Swipe hand sideways. 3. Remove hand from bench. Done!
  11. Drat. I was going to join up here, but not sure if I can do what I want to do - the a/c and the Sqn were there, it's the markings that might be a problem. Edit. Sign me up (provisionally*)... further online lookery has revealed that all is well, and I will proceed with my Roden Sea Gladiator, using the kit decals to portray a Sea Glad serving with 804 NAS at RNAS Hatston, Orkney. (* 'Provisionally', because me and GBs don't seem to get along. I may never even start it, but at least I'm owning up to it. )
  12. Thanks GMK, saved me posting it. My thought is that they may have to stop the ship when they want to fly, because anyone could see that they're using it wrong. The idiots are in charge...
  13. They were never designed as fighters, Army Co-Operation and (very) light bombing were the original roles, so they were hopelessly outclassed by even the early 109s in France (pre-Dunkirk), where they didn't do well in their original role - not fast enough nor aerobatic enough to defend themselves. That said, they came into their own as the SOE Special Duties aircraft of spy fame, and did sterling work there - I was just reading about it, 161 Sqn alone did 400 sorties into France, 293 people dropped off, 500 brought back, and something I didn't know was that the type did the same job in the Med and behind Japanese lines until VJ day. Pretty impressive. My old Airfix one was done in black with the ladder and underfuselage tank, and I stuck the trenchcoated spy on as well - silly bugger kept letting go of the ladder and falling into the Channel on the way home. There are bits of it in a box somewhere... Enough waffle. Build, my boy, build!
  14. I've always liked the look of the Lysander. It's also, apparently, a very pleasant aircraft to fly. And for those who had Matchbox Lizzies in two shades of brown, I feel sorry for you - I'm positive that mine was in brown and green. Although my Airfix one was in that horrid swirly silver... Bash on Stew, get this rolled before Jerry comes over the Channel, we'll need all the Hurricanes you can muster, old chap!
  15. Here's a thought (or a brain fart, take your choice...). Open a cabin window/porthole and poke a little flag on a stick out of it, like you see in old photos of airliners taking their maiden voyages. On second thought...
  16. All that first one needs is a couple of freezing 'black men' huddled around a brazier, and it'd be a story. Looking good there!
  17. I always like the contrast that the early 2 blade propellors give to subjects that we're more familiar with as having 3. Early Hurricanes, Spitfires and 109s just look different in their early variants. Nicely done job. It's not how 'accurate' the model is, it's how good it looks. And this looks good!
  18. For anyone following this build who may be interested, an Aeroclub F.21 conversion just popped up on that auction site. It's not mine, I thought it may be useful to someone.
  19. Lovely model. Those old merchantmen have a real charm. I knew nothing at all about the ship, so I did some googling...there's a heap of interesting pictures of the class out there, and a lot of information, as well. If you feel like a scratchbuild, Shell Welder (1) would make a nice companion piece. http://www.helderline.nl/tanker/1540/shell+welder+%281%29/
  20. You'd think that the Aeroclub fuselage would be the simplest option, wouldn't you. But... the Hobbycraft actually has marginally better engraving, and the fit of the Aeroclub to the Airfix 22/24 wings isn't all that much better than the Hobbycraft option. I'm very much aware of the Academy shape issues (shame, it's quite a lovely kit as far as fit goes), but I've done a lot of pondering over the years, and I think it's fixable, especially if I'm going to mate just the fuselage to the Airfix 22/24 wings, and that would give me engraving more in line with what Airfix supply. However... the Airfix XIX is possibly the best option as far as panel lines go. Major cut and shuts don't scare me in the least, redoing panel lines is a non-starter as far as I'm concerned, because I'm terrible at it. The lack of sharp detail on the Aeroclub offering is the major reason the project's been on hold for 12 years - due credit to Mr Aeroclub, but I feel it will look a bit odd with the mix of detail clarity. Ironically, I had the FR46/47 kit until a year or so ago, and sold it on... Decisions, decisions... EDIT: Having had a thunk, is there any way to use the Airfix 22/24 fuselage and graft on a high back from somewhere? Maybe from that Academy disaster..?
  21. By sheer coincidence, I was trawling t'interwebs today looking for ways to build a Mk.21, so that I can take another forgotten warrior from the shelf of doom (started sometime in 2002...). This build came up, and now that I've read it, I find you've not finished yet, but have restarted it today. Odd world, innit? I have an Airfix F.22/24, the Aeroclub conversion, a Hobbycraft Mk.XIV and a spare Academy Mk.XIV, which could be subject to cruel and unusual experiments. I am however, thinking about grabbing a PR.XIX, as you have done. Your build seems to make the best sense to me, so I will be following along to see how it all ends up!
  22. Now where's the fun in that, eh?
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