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  1. Or... my method. When you get to the painting stage, put it all back into the box, stick aforementioned box on a shelf and start another kit! No paint problems, everrrrr!
  2. But with more wrinkles (and less Kelly McGillis.)
  3. Umm... that's a negative, Ghost Rider.
  4. want more overproof rum (that's the way rhyme goes, isn't it?)
  5. is a mythical creature (Do they really exist? I know that some of you believe so, but I have my doubts.)
  6. - all samey-same horse's behinds
  7. I've been considering how to print struts as well, and my thought is to leave a hollow all the way through, to allow the insertion of a suitably sized brass rod. The rod will be the actual load bearing member, the strut will be no more than a cosmetic fairing. One of these days, I'll actually draw the thing up and have a go...
  8. May I suggest adding a dimensioned sketch of the proposed alignment jig to the instructions? Or even a 'cut it out and glue it the wood' 1:1 plan? Just a thought, I'm still up for at least 4 sets.
  9. catwalks, temporarily suspended by
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