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  1. twice, like the postman (Dang, too late. And it was killer.)
  2. This is the only 1/72 VICON pod that I've ever been able to find. I have yet to order, but need at least one for my Canadian Matchbox 104. https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-025-cf-104-vinten-vicom-recce-pod Of course, if dimensions could be found, it's not that complicated a shape to make, but I've had trouble even finding photos of them online.
  3. I think that maybe, just maybe, some people are getting a little bit overwrought with regards their dislike of the good old Imperial measurements system. The most esoteric bits are no longer in common use, and the rest isn't that hard to comprehend. I was raised in a metric country, but have no real trouble with the common Imperial measures. It's simply a matter of familiarity and use. It's really not that big a deal. For the record, I'm 55. (Even Whitworth isn't that hard to understand, it just takes a bit of effort and a desire to learn. And perhaps, an interest in manky old Brit machinery helps too.) Of more concern to me (and getting somewhat back on topic) - when are we going to finally get a 1/24 injection kit of the RA23 Toyota Celica coupe so that I can build a model of my first and most favourite car? Aoshima, are you listening?
  4. , some rockers, some goths
  5. , fashionable in certain circles
  6. closes, order another kebab
  7. waiting for page forty
  8. sunshine, please please me
  9. also not a problem (seriously, it's not.)
  10. Yet they are for me. Strange. But that's BM for you.
  11. than working all week
  12. and ordered warm beer (they're weird, those Martians)
  13. of my shares plunged
  14. then sink outta sight
  15. I believe that the Berlin Chieftains were kept as clean as possible; along with their lack of markings and identical camo pattern, it was a further step towards make each one anonymous, which made the Soviet observers jobs that little bit more difficult.
  16. of another experimental failure
  17. but who are you?
  18. on Myfanwy's fortunate bicycle
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