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  1. Fabulous looking Foxbat and great to see another ICM kit of this put together. I have the PD version on the go at the minute and agree with your comments regarding the build process.
  2. Fantastic. I have fond memories of building this kit as a young lad. I have one sitting in the stash too!
  3. Superb. Great use of colour and the chipping effect across the green really adds to the overall look.
  4. I already have an SA-2 by Gran on display with a F-100F and F-105G as part of my Vietnam collection. The HB version is much better though.
  5. Will make an interesting pairing with the recent HB SA-2 Guideline.
  6. Superb, every bit of it. Love the weathering and dirtiness of it.
  7. Always good to see a Red Arrows scheme on this wonderful little jet. Very smart build and finish.
  8. Yep, I'll buy that for an idea. Great model too, looks good in that scheme.
  9. Stunning build and flawless finish. Is the nosewheel glued down? I am quite shocked to think that the Russians still held POWs 10 years after the war finished....!
  10. Now that is one fine looking model, superb finish and very convincing photography. I love the shape of these deltas, beautiful looking things. Must be a good size too? Phil
  11. That is superb Bill. I have the old Airfix dogfight set (this and a MiG-21). I haven't even looked at the O-2 but seeing yours come to life has made me realise that it will be sitting in the box for some time yet....!!! That is quite some work that you've put in to make it look respectable. Phil
  12. Superb, looks like a great kit, your build and finish is fantastic.
  13. Incredible model and photos, absolutely superb stuff.
  14. As I was looking up references for the cockpit I found an image that showed cigarette lighters and ashtrays for the pilots...!!! Imagine that in the F-35 now....
  15. Fantastic build Russ, have you seen the 1/48 Farm Gate figures wearing the stetsons? A couple of those would look mighty fine next to this beauty.
  16. Absolutely lovely and wearing the most beautiful of schemes, very inspirational.
  17. Lovely build - Hasegawa kit? I've just picked one up myself.
  18. Very smart that one Mick. I have one part built that is stalled for some reason, what paint did you use? Phil
  19. I do like a good WHIF and this is well off the scale for craziness....!!!! Very smart build and finish.
  20. I've ordered the Hasegawa 1/72 F-35B - will be built in flight using the supplied stand..!!
  21. Cheers guys. With previous experience of these little charmers then you will be absolutely fine Jason. The intakes are an awful fit and the compressor sits too far forward. I had to grind away loads of the fuselage so that I could fit in a longer intake and then blend it in. There are also external wiring ducts that need to be removed from both sides of the upper fuselage. A bit of guesswork and dry fitting is needed for the entire cockpit and IP area. Canopy needs sanding on 10 sides and loads of dry fitting...!! Nose wheel leg is too long and needs fitting to the well floor for the correct height. Gun ports need drilling out. Scribing all over for better panel lines. Give me an Academy F-8 any day of the week...!! Phil
  22. Very smart, the more that I see of the F-35 the more it grows on me. I can see one heading to my stash very soon....!
  23. 1/72 Sword EF-10B Skyknight, VMCJ-1, Da Nang, South Vietnam 1965 Just finished this challenging kit from Sword. The usual short run kind of kit, needs a lot more attention than your usual mainstream model and involves a lot more swearing than usual..... The intakes were a particularly massive PITA....! The canopy was in 3 pieces and every edge needed sanding down to fit..... It does look good once its all together and is an important piece of history in the air war over the skies of Vietnam. Finished using Tamiya acrylics and a Flory wash. Cheers all. Phil
  24. Great build of a fab looking aircraft. The aircraft ID almost represents what happens when we lose our modelling mojo....!!
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