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  1. Another pick up from me, again excellent service. Can't praise these guys enough.
  2. Another 2 kits purchased and collected last week. Great stuff. I 'll be round there again in a couple of weeks
  3. I phoned through an order this morning and collected it at 12.30 in the afternoon. Cracking service and my thanks go out to Andrew and co
  4. Nice, very nice. I like that. There's just something about a Mirage...
  5. Afternoon chaps I've been lurking on these boards for some time with a little dip into the aircraft section every now and then. In her wisdom she who must be obeyed has purchased an airfix Saturn V for me to complete so that she can donate it to the local school for a display they have planned. This is all well and good but she suggested that I somehow display is horizontally and in segments so that the "intricate details" - her words, can be seen. I seem to remember seeing someone on here had scratch built a cradle similar to those used at the Johnson Space Centre. My question is this,
  6. I plan on unleasing a gr9 on Friday, kids permitting. I'll watch this with interest
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