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  1. Should have got fluffy to lend a hand with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this a very funny and informative WIP, glad you’ve taken the time to put the Polaroid’s back together with the dialogue, nice one Pete. Mick
  2. Great build Karl I enjoyed watching it come together, very impressive mate.
  3. Great fun to build, see if you can get through it without inanely humming the theme tune to yourself.
  4. Challenging little bleeders these mfh kits aren't they ! I've got a game on with a mclaren at the moment and if I had a pound for every time I've had a little hissy fit and let it be for a bit I'd be able to buy a stash full of their 1/12 kits.
  5. That's some serious skills being displayed, like so many of the other talented builders on this forum you have my attention. Fantastic stuff.
  6. Glad to see this one making a return, I've been pondering one of these for my big build next year and this might just tip me over the edge to get one ordered.
  7. Fantastic build Kallisti, showing great imagination and skill to come up with and produce something like that.
  8. Looking mint mate, taken me back to my youth.
  9. You're making a great job of it so far mate nice one.
  10. "Yellow with lights, grime and muck" here's me thinking JCB but this'll do
  11. This build just keeps turning a corner to a higher level of excellence. A most enjoyable build you must be very pleased with it.
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