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  1. Not the turning point. Huge, yes - but Japan still conducted offensive ops after this. Guadalcanal with it's associated carrier battles was the decisive event since it (1) forever decimated their naval aviator ranks, forcing the carriers back to home waters or Truk sans airwing And (2) had the Marines lines around Henderson been overrun and Lunga retaken Rabaul could have transferred aircraft to regain local air superiority. Emilys and Mavis' conducting recon, etc from Tulagi area towards Noumea and Espiritu Santo would unveil USN movements. Imagine SoPac facing Zuikaku, Shokaku, Junyo and other carriers whilst in support range of the airfield formerly known as Henderson... whole different game - this is what makes the 'Canal the decisive/pivotal event in the Pacific theater. I still like the book, wish they'd spent less time on practice scale kits.
  2. Beautiful! And thank you for not falling prey to the ruse of installing wing drop tanks, I see it in almost every early F4F posted when they were not first used operationally til Fall '42 at the 'Canal. Bravo
  3. Any special requirements to seal a wood base prior to using these, other than my standard varnish/UV coat (or is that overkill here)?
  4. Built the A-6A from HB a few years back, I recall that the only fit issue was underside where the fuselage comes together via several pieces. Around the nose gear area and where the exhaust surrounds meet, nothing bad. Test fit carefully how the fuselage sides mate with the radome, it has a less than helpful attachment point when opened. Hypersonic makes some nice resin parts for the exhausts. Resin seats really help an otherwise pretty darn good cockpit OOB. The flaps and other surfaces on the wings can be positioned deployed which can add an interesting pop of red to the overall A-6A Lt Gull Gray/White camo. Good luck.
  5. you go right ahead and enjoy reworking resin that should have been correct from the get-go. or does this jibe you again?
  6. In my case the CMK sets main well parts are not made to the correct dimensions... left the builder with a gap along the roof of the well where it meets the fuselage side, though formed to match the contours exactly there is a gap as much as 1/8". There are several builds showing the parts comparison. CMKs set main wells are completely unusable, choose to revert to the kit wells and add some scratched detail, in reality there is not much that can be seen when it is in the display case. The resin bay doors are better detailed than the kit parts BUT the retraction strut attachment differs in location from the kit parts enough that it delves in fiction. The nose well fit perfect in comparison.
  7. First hand experience here using the CMK wheel bay set - which compared side by side with Aires pieces seems to be identical - there was someone asleep at the switch making the masters. HUGE huge gap on the top of the bay between the resin and the kit fuselage that does not flow/follow the kits side, the only way to fix is scratch your own 'plug' in that gap area which considering the large amount of tiny perpendicular ribs is most daunting. CMK simply did not even look at the kit parts when making their master, they are now on my permanent poo-poo list. Now the nose wheel fits fine, and looks great but not worth price of admission. The resin bay doors are sorta better detailed than the kit parts and are useable although note the door retraction locater is not in the same spot as the kit pieces spot. the Eduard set to me looked like a whole bunch of trouble. Now that my tonka is finished (Thank the Lord, never never again anything by Revell Germany) there is not a lot of the main bays to be seen, I went back to the kit parts ditching CMKs main bays after much gnashing of teeth. Good luck in your efforts.
  8. Why green for the wheel wells? They were always white, just like the strut and retraction arm you have -
  9. JUST received my CMK replacement wheel wells sets - Outstanding refinement and at first blush appears to be a drop-in replacement. Includes gear doors and retracting struts among a other tiny bits. Easily quashes the kit parts in detail and relieves one from filling those horribly placed ejection marks. Getcha one!
  10. Hobbyboss has your ticket - you mentioned 'fit' early on, this kit builds nicely and has little in the way of problem areas, just take your time on the engine pods but its nothing some Mr. Surfacer and some sanding can't resolve to look its best. The main join between the wings and fuselage goes very easy. LOTS of ordnance choices. The cockpit isn't bad but looks better with (at least, like they all do) with a resin seat, or consider getting Eduards Zoom set. You'll need some noseweight like any Warthog and consider replacement wheels too (if you're like me resin wheels and non-kit decals are the norm). As for timeline I believe it most resembles a Desert Storm bird. Now as for the others I have only built the Italeri kit (eh, so-so) and the hoary Monogram offering which would be a good bet if you were trying to work up your forearm muscles at the same time (you'll be using Bondo and loads of sanding,rescribing) - think Popeye the Sailor forearms. Best of luck!
  11. Hannants now has the CMK resin replacement wheel bay set in-stock, they appear to be a drop-in style part and no more correcting ejector marks. And no more aneurysms with using Eduards PE approach (not to mention permanent arthritis onset).
  12. Hope to finish my Hawkeye then begin 'Debbie/Snoopy' next, ya know I nearly bought the Aires wheel bay set for the Hobbyboss kit as it looked like it would work but just too gunshy from their cockpit sets to risk it - and have you seen how involved/daunting the Eduard PE set for the wheelbays looks? (Yikes!) Again thanks to CMK for this.
  13. The weakest part of the otherwise very nice Revell Tonka kit for me has been the sparsely detailed main wheel wells - now it appears that there is a resin alternative at hand for ones like me who find the Eduard PE sets highly daunting. Thank you CMK! :thumbsup: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMK4330
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