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  1. Oooohh errr missus I just choked on my bacon sarnie lovely job- very well built and finished
  2. I could drive a bus through most comments in your post. Don't get me wrong, Enamels ARE wonderful- unless of course you don't know the tricks of the trade for using Xtracolur. Firstly acrylics come in many different formulas and makes- they are all sooooo different in the way they react as to make a sweeping statement about acrylics utterly pointless. I would agree abut the potential problem with the outer skin hardening on paint like Gunze and Tamiya, but in truth this is due to laying on too much paint in one go with insufficient curing time. Same for most paints whatever they are.
  3. Sorry what was this thread about- I just passed out through the sudden shock...
  4. Christ guys! All I was doing was expressing my frustration at the disparity between the two sets of moulding- Airfix managed to screw both up badly because they didn't care enough- nothing more, nothing less. IF- they had paid a little more attention, they could have had a killer Mk9 (inside and out) and then followed up with a killer Mk1 But they dropped the ball both times becasue they were STUPID- cannot think of any get out clause that would fit the negligence. I would add that IF they had troubles finding a budget for the Mk9, but chose to go nuclear with the outer surface detail, and go cheapo on the internals and canopy etc, I could appreciate that, but to follow it up with a beautifully rigged and internally detailed Mk1, with utter shitola exterior details like something that came free out of a cornflake packet- is beyond belief
  5. he thing that gets me is NOT the accuracy- its the fact that if they did to the Mk1 on the outside the same as the '9 then we would almost have a perfect 1/72 mk1 Spit
  6. Having a fiddle around with the Mk1& 9 as I am shortly going to be building a Spitfire or three. Now- HOW can Airfix do this; Eminently acceptable surface detail on the Mk9, cockpit and small details from hell Utterly rubbish surface detail on the Mk1- brilliant cockpit and other details- AAAARRRGHHHHHHH Also, the wing root chord is more on the Mk9- huh?
  7. Please put a sunglasses warning on the thread title..... That's a ver-ry nice
  8. I nearly didn't click on this because the old Revell P-51B is not the greatest kit, and I wasn't expectng a lot- but I have to say that is bloody nicely done! Impressive finishing skills indeed. Also happens to be a fave of mine- so double well done
  9. Although I certainly agree on a personal level with Jonners, I DO feel there could just possibly be "issues" with certain aspects of this stuff. Like for instance the F-15 that did a one way trip. You never know about poo-poo going wrong until after its gone wrong
  10. Not the sort of thread I usually get involved in- but was searchng for something else today and came up with these pics and web page I'm sure it's utterly irrelevant link
  11. Good to see these- of course the engine should be that exact colour- it's a 2.5 Where did you get the actual paint you used from btw?
  12. Very nice Job that Duncan Well here's the finished pics of mine-
  13. aahhhhh- I thought it must have been something I had done! Will try to take a few pics today and post tonight
  14. Ooohh- I didn't mean it was THAT bad! Actually, it's a lovely little kit- and I put the final touches to it this afternoon Will maybe try and take some pics in the daylight tomorrow. The paint I had applied was purely a "marker coat" as the JG54 camou I was going to apply retained the orig. colours on the wings, but that is about as far as it goes. Thing is with this kit- it has the typical separate front cowlings (always a chore to get these right) and it somehow feels really skinny until- you put paint on and finish it- then it looks lovely- so lovely that I went out and bought another one- for 18 quid- yep-
  15. 56 views and not one comment- well lets redress that a little- nice job- I know the kit, not an easy build, you did a very pleasing job and in the process gave the model some real "feel..'
  16. Yes- neat as it should be- great capture
  17. Nice job. Wouldn't it be good to have that recovery thingy in 1/48.
  18. Toasted on the bottom I should think- now away with you cheeky boy Bl*ody luverly model there
  19. Sometimes you see something where every single ounce of your being just knows something is so utterly wrong, on every level. Dave did a u-turn on the Forestry issue, and admitted he had cocked up- so with what is currently happening around the planet- you never know..
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