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  1. Cheers for the replies guys. Unfortunately I never got round to getting it finished before the end date I shall carry on and post the finished model.
  2. Cheers. Still having trouble with paints. Thinking about colour matching for Tamiya.
  3. Well I've not done a lot on the Hellcat for a while as I've had a few 're sprays to work on. I can believe how the deadline is fast approaching. The canopy has been masked since this picture and the windscreen is to be done, then I think it's ready for primer I might manage to get it in some colour before the dead line.
  4. What did you both do? I'm thinking about buying a new needle for my airbrush first. I might have knocked the end.
  5. It's looking like a beast now. All coming along. Few bits to put on, mask the canopy and add the windscreen then it'll be ready for some primer. I'm hoping that my Vallejo paint till spray ok once the humidity has gone, although I've started a collection of Tamiya paints. I'll just have to work out the right colour matches. Hopefully we will give the deadline target.
  6. I agree. You can see them in the cowl but only just. To be honest it's the first radial aircraft I've really built in 6 years.
  7. I really am going to town, I've never done all the leads on an engine. Happy with that, but in the cowl, can you see them? Can you .......
  8. Had a good day in the cave yesterday. The cockpit was put into the fuselage and closes up. Tail plane was built. Cowl only put on to see the size as I now have to start work on the engine.
  9. Looking good. Your doing better than me. PE part 44 in the cock pit, how did you fold it?
  10. I've finally made a start on the Hellcat. The office is done. A little more PE on the inside of the fuselage and the two halfs will go together.
  11. NickP

    Spray booths

    Well ive just got home from work and mentioned a booth to the other half. She said I'm not having one, I've spent 6 years happily spraying on the dining room table without one and splattering paint up the wall I'll buy a new cutting mat and use my old one and maybe a box then lol
  12. NickP

    Spray booths

    That's the kinda thing I'm after. I think I'll have to invest.
  13. NickP

    Spray booths

    I have been looking at the foldable ones for about 60-80.
  14. NickP

    Spray booths

    I'm just about to move into my new man cave, I've got a nice area for spraying but I'm debating getting a spray booth. I Never uses one when I used to spray on the dining room table. Can anyone recommend where to get a reasonably price good spray booth please?
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