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  1. Come on Paul, you know you can do better than that. A bit more effort required then you could rival Enid Blyton
  2. Still we are getting there ladies, only 4 days 9 minutes to go by my clock, then we can start a thread on the 2019 release programme
  3. I personally like a surprise, with only 5.5 days left why not wait and see, otherwise I can see many Senior Managers having to wash many sets of wet underwear!!
  4. That will drop the £25 second hand price noticed at the Nationals
  5. Unfortunately with nearly 900 kits to dispose of originally, using the For Sale section wasn't really viable.
  6. You've obviously not been shopping in the right places, I've moved two Islanders on in the last year at much less than that. One I think at Gloucester show and maybe the second at the Nats. Sorry
  7. OK you Mods I know it's only three hours to go, but I'd got used to Blue snow piling up on my screen. Suddenly it's little dainty white flakes going nowhere. Where's my blizzard gone?
  8. Well this promises to be a short lived feasibility study, spoilsport, so my 1/24 Lancaster's a non-event. HUH!!
  9. Just to make a late addition to this thread, Berna Decals 72-91/48-111 for African Alpha Jets has several options with the fin extension. hth cheers Chris
  10. Trying to reply to previous topic I find I'm unable to increase the font size above 8, though this seems to be fine. Any suggestions, polite ones. cheers Chris Problem seems to have corrected itself; must be Christmas magic
  11. Someone's obviously given the server it's Christmas dinner early and it's trying to sleep it off!
  12. Did our Gnats have a history of similar issues Wez, or is this something exclusive to the Ajeets?. Step forward liney's of a certain age please.
  13. Hi Wez I have a picture courtesy of AFM of Alpha Jet H245(CNA-ET) taken at Marrakech Aero Expo, I think April 2012( I just cut them out of the mag for reference). Apparently the upgrade was done by Weather Modification Inc of Fargo, North Dakota. The system uses a modified AN/ALE-40 dispenser to release chemicals and carries a Sperry/Honeywell weather radar in the reprofiled nose. Sorry to rabbit on so. I'll try to get my daughter or Jabba to post the pic. cheers Chris
  14. That could be quite a task Don, especially as less than 200 were built. . I've got seven in the stash, intending to build all the African options but the Moroccan's have flanked me with the rain making Alpha Jets they possess with the unique nose alteration.
  15. SAM Volume 11/3 (Dec 88) has an in detail on the Alpha Jet and shows the extended fin on the aircraft of :- Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Qatar and Togo. Surprisingly the extension is also present on the jet which was presented to the U.S. Navy as a competitor in the VTX-TS trials in 1981.
  16. You'll probably find this post deleted by a Mod because a) It's a wanted request in the wrong area you need 100 posts to post a want Sorry to be such a Jobs comforter. Chris
  17. Having a quick look on Google the only one I could see was the Bahraini Alpha Jet MS2. hth cheers Chris
  18. Huge thanks to Britjet who came to the rescue and supplied the required decals, not just the info requested. Cheers for that Steve.
  19. Don't tell him he doesn't count, he won't luv you for that. Judging from his show site he's probably one of the two largest second hand dealers in the UK
  20. You have got my old oppo Collectakit in Addlestone, he's on line and sends out lists on request. He attends model shows most weekends.
  21. Can anyone help me out with info on the national marking(roundels) sizes on this aircraft and the B.A.F titles on the fuselage, also looking at Google there seems to be a squadron name(Unicorns) on the nose(both sides). Many thanks Chris
  22. That's the one. I'm glad I didn't go the ScratchAeronautics route.
  23. Special Hobby had a few with them at Telford on promotion, that's where I picked my two up. I asked about the possibility of the Casa 235 but apparently it's the 101 next.
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