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  1. If you have no luck at Scalemates stick your request in the forum Wants section. That's one of it's purposes. hth cheers Chris
  2. Yes it's reference 73166, Coastal Craft may still have this in stock although they are giving up the range, and were discounting them at the Nats. It can be found in set 47335( 100 anniversary of the Russian Air Force).
  3. Hi Paul, greetings I'm the other side of the Hogs Back at Fernberger. I'm a member of IPMS Farnborough, several of the members have VC10 association so I'm sure you'd be welcome. Chris
  4. Hi Colin I have a RC-135U in the stash and have used it to make myself a couple of Rivet joint versions. Are you going to make new cheek radar "a la" Spectre Resins as per Lockheed Martin?. cheers Chris
  5. Interesting to see the list of 135 items on Scalemates including Maintracks conversion but no mention of Peters RC-135U(72-42) conversion. I just wondered why? Just found the expansion button
  6. Hi mate I've got four of those Humbrol colour charts and none of them look quite the same. I thought H62( matt leather) might be a contender for what your looking for. I've got a part pot of Authentic colour HM 21(leather), was that the colour you said was discontinued?. Give me a phone as I've still got a lot of paints from that collection. cheers Chris
  7. I don't know! Why can't you just do grey on Gray( for our colonial cuzzins) like the rest of us.
  8. I joined the SIG last September and the leader mentioned this possibility but I've heard no more from him. I did go to their Web site and I'm sure they're still planned. Chris
  9. Andrey I hope there's a good selection of African, Asian & South American markings in this sheet, otherwise we'd better have a second sheet to cover the gaps.
  10. I'm not sure I understand your post. You don't see much difference in length between the 1/72 offering and the 1/48 kit. Do you want to run that past me again?
  11. 16:30 heading SW following the M3, Four Lynx on their finale tour. Way to go
  12. A member on here kindly provided me with some Bangladesh roundels for my Antonov 32, so a request in the Wanted section may produce a positive result. I thought the roundels had a white background?
  13. The Britavia kit has quite a pedigree with acknowledgements to Gordon Stevens, John Adams. Peter Lockhart & Dick Ward amongst others. The white metal parts in this kit also look nicely done, better than the same parts in the Aerodrom kit. Still I digress from your topic. Chris
  14. I see this has the same markings option as the Mach 2 kit, is it the same mould?. I have two S51's in the stash a vacform with white metal by TEE-JAY circa 1984, under the Britavia Models label and a limited run injection moulded example by Aerodrom with a choice of two fuselages, one solid cast in blue plastic and the other like the example shown.
  15. Yes good to see, these are the one's I credited to AZ, apparently a PFM to follow.
  16. Thinks!! I could wait and see what comes out of the AZ Mig 21 stable this year. Just a thought.
  17. Slight nit picking here but the instructions are to big for the box and finish up curling up the side wall, at least on mine. Trouble is my decals are caught up in the instructions and consequently are slightly bowed. Can't see any damage though.
  18. I got a big box of tissue's in ready. Looks like the Magna Belfast will be on this bench this year after all. So whose going to kick off 2019's listing?
  19. Dick Your such a little tease. I notice you've made no mention of your job with the Hornby design team or is that still hush-hush. perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it.
  20. Do you mean there are things in this world without wings. Well I never, you learn something new every day
  21. I was chatting at Telford with the chap whose taken on the Magna range and he was telling me the Hornby engineers were discussing the Belfast mould with him. Just saying
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