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  1. Thanks hepster i picked up the revell boxing of the c yesterday but it was the Qinetiq example i was thinking of when i started this enquiry, and thanks also to you clive i wasn't sure as to the accuracy of the current crop, but i think you've answered my questions. many thanks cheers chris
  2. thanks dean i thought they did both but i must have missed it when i looked on hannants web site chris
  3. hi all can you let me know of relative merits(or not) of 1/72 scale gripens currently available (airfix,revell,italeri). also i can't seem to see a two seater out there, have i missed one. thanks chris
  4. hi all if anyones interested and at yeovilton tomorrow, i'll have stocks of the magna vc10 with me on the collectakit stand.hth cheers chris
  5. hey mike If it makes it any easier there are 21 options on p1, 7 options on p2, and 14 options on p3,depending of course on how many nimrods you've got on order. hth!! chris
  6. hi, a quick check through "Hunter the operational record"by robert jackson has no photo's of hunters in wraparound camo. hth chris
  7. Jon had a look through my references and all i came up with is the 1974 av news warpaint plans for the nimrod mr1,which might do, unfortunately no can do techy scan thjng,but if your going to milton keynes sunday i can photocopy and bring with me,i'll be helping out on collectakit stand. hth chris
  8. Hi Magna make a resin fabric wing, it comes with a white metal Watts two blade propeller about £8, from Magna or Hannants, or catch me up at one of the model shows I carry the full range with me. cheers chris
  9. if you get stuck i've got all the old broad sheet aviation news's except for v11/24 so i can run off a copy if you want, just pm me cheers chris just as an aside i'm looking for the supermarine southampton plans from av news 12/10 if anyone can help. cheers
  10. roland if your preference is a k2/3 then rumour has it that it could be on its way,but not just yet cheers chris
  11. I think my contenders would be esoteric 1/72 overstrand/sidestrand leading edge 1/72 challenger biz jet
  12. Yes,closely checked out and it certainly looks an impressive piece of casting.I normally carry Magna stock at most of the shows during the course of the year, and finished up getting four from Robin on Sunday pm. I'm not sure how many Robin had left as he only started the show with just over thirty and it sold quite well all weekend. Apparently Magna(spain) is going to have to cast a new master before furher delivery's follow, so possibly in the new year. check ads in SAM/SAMI for contact details. HTH cheers chris
  13. david, with reference to the aug 82 sam article on the rhodesian/zimbabwe af,the profiles only make reference to the u/wing serials on a/c with raf roundels with 3 assegai's. however reading article it seems probable that serials were still carried in one assegai period, but states that from1976(half way through lion roundel period)all markings were removed.and only rear fuselage serial applied when yellow bird was adopted. hth chris
  14. chris57


    probably in wrong area,but have to ask, does anyone remember the last time this kit by monogram came up for sale(on ebay) and what it fetched.cheers chris
  15. chris57


    derek i think that the only other 1/72 hornets/sea hornets around are the resin ones in the Magna range,although Martin was talking of dropping them when the SH ones came out HTH cheers chris
  16. Hi David check out Hannants xtradecal sheet x015-72 ,its aimed at lightnings,but it has a 5sq option. cheers chris
  17. chris57

    VC10 C1K

    Hi gary correct on all counts, now if airfix can only do well with the nimrod, maybe, chris
  18. chris57

    VC10 C1K

    just browsing this months issue of SAM and noticed on the Magna models ad a 1/72 vc10 announced for release at this years nats,yippee,now decision time vc10 and/or nimrods chris
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