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  1. Any chance of getting Paul & Vince to next years event, as well as the usual crew?
  2. chris57


    This should really be in the wanted section, but you need 100 posts to qualify for that privilege.
  3. You know what the important question is. What's happening with cake production?
  4. Combat Models also do a 146, two actually a 100 series & a 200. Course they are resin! but I stashed one of each
  5. Mach 2 Bristol Britannia filled the nose compartment with lead and am now debating the engine cowls.
  6. Try not to get to over excited Ken, you know what the doctor warned you. See you at Gloucester?
  7. Give Jabba or Wez a nudge, I think they were both out there with the factor 50.
  8. Thanks Andre I checked out the Coastal Craft Akan listing I possess but 73049 isn't on there. I'll have to increase my Akan holding. cheers Chris
  9. Gentlemen Assistance needed Can anyone point me in the direction of the relevant colours for this beast. Using the Airfix kit which states M22(?) RAF Blue-Grey. Offered up Humbrol 79 & 96, followed by AKAN.73066( Bit Dark) & 73008( To Blue). Help
  10. Model Alliance sheet 72-127, the On Target Canberra sheet has markings for a T4 based at Llanbedr. hth cheers
  11. Yes I realized I'd misrepresented it . Foolish boy.
  12. Interesting read this, I suppose my first job was when I went to visit my Nan in the school holidays, I'd be 9 or 10. Got up around seven to help Roy the Milkman deliver around the top of the village green. Memories! Roy & Peggy(his horse) pulling the milk cart.
  13. Hi Neil Picked up in the late nineties if the memory's working. Just before you went to Cyprus?.
  14. I've got Paragon 7234 the Sea Mosquito tr33 conversion but it doesn't include the air intakes or elevators or the undercarriage/wheels shown in your example so perhaps there were two issues.Chris Vince of ModelsforSale has one on that auction site at the moment
  15. Dave Little of Combat Models purchased the masters off of Martin( Magna Models) about two years back. He released the two 1/48th Firebrands and the 1/72 Twin Pin at last years Nats. Only limited numbers. Colin of Freighdog liaises with David, they share table at the Nats. If Fantasy are doing the decals that will be an improvement over the previous efforts which I believed were done by AIMS, although the Single Pin decals were never a problem and I do like the Malaysian option(Original Magna issue).
  16. Send a PM to Jabba here on the forum, he was twiddling his thumbs up there about that time, or Wez might have some info. hth cheers Chris
  17. Essential Joan Baez whilst I have lunch.
  18. Send a PM to Julien explaining error, he'll help you out.
  19. Andy You might fare better posting this under the AFV( target) section. cheers Chris
  20. Toko did three Antonov 72/74's in 1/72 scale. I made one as Ukrainian AF, sold one on and have one in the depths of the stash somewhere. If I remember correctly the one I moved on was in civil Artic supply markings. The length of the model is 390 mm. hth cheers Chris
  21. Creedence Clearwater Revival collection, blast from the past.
  22. Just wait for it to pass through the sanitation system
  23. Hi Florent and welcome. Either do a search for Flanker or PM a member whose so obsessed with them, he's titled Flankerman. hth cheers Chris
  24. You learn something every day! I was under the impression there were two brothers, one as Superscale and the other as Microscale. Obviously Fake News.!!
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