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  1. Test Graham

    New Airfix Jeep & Higgins Boat - a quick look in the box

    It's to come with the Dakota in a common boxing, I believe. Check on Airfix.com?
  2. The camouflage scheme had multiple purposes: the colours were chosen to reduce the contrast with the background. The patterns were designed to break up the straight lines, edges of the aircraft and the "chevrons" on the wings point in different directions. So you have concealment, deception and confusion together. I don't suppose anyone ever thought they made the aircraft invisible - but every little helps.
  3. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    Not more interesting, no, if you discount dinner, although I did do a bit gardening and some computer bashing. I've been popping backwards and forwards online all day but saw no progress. I've just seen your last two PM - I've been signing in and out of BM without seeing any notification. However, I've now tried your suggestion in the PMs to come in from the main menu page but get the same error as described. I've also tried your other suggestion of setting up another account, on yahoo.com, but am still waiting for the validation response. PS I've copied the error message and sent it to you. Since this problem with Britmodeller, I've somehow lost Flash Player and in trying to get it back today I ended up with malware, so part of the afternoon was spent sorting that out. Still not solved everything, but Malwarebytes says I'm clean. PPS see PM
  4. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    OK, the pm went this time so that's one part fixed. A quick check shows I'm still getting the same Driver Error message in Chrome.
  5. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    In IE I find Control Panel/internet Options/Browsing History. Done that. Doesn't fix problem. As the same fault occurs on two computers, I'd have been it bit surprised if it had but I guess it's the same IE account. I shall now close down and re-open, see if that's the magic. Edit: No it wasn't.
  6. Test Graham

    RLM74/75. Help needed!

    Don't compare them to other paints, that's how errors are multiplied and become established. Compare them to the original references, as much as is possible. Merrick's paint chips were prepared by the original paint manufacturers using their records.
  7. Test Graham

    What are these for?

    They are indeed called mass balances. There's an awful failure case called "flutter". This was first recognised on one of the Parnell biplanes, which tore itself apart to everyone's initial mystification. What happens is that the aerodynamic forces and the structural forces create a resonance: the control surface will begin to vibrate at such a high frequency that it will rip itself off the aircraft and likely take the tail with it. This is minimised by having enough of the weight (mass) forward of the hinge point. This is what happened to Typhoons - the engine vibration caused metal fatigue in the arm of the mass balance, which broke. Whereupon at the right (or wrong) combination of speed and altitude the elevator fluttered and the entire tail came off. You can also see a large balance at the base of the fin, called a horn balance. (I started typing before the postings above)
  8. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    It is strange. When logged on I can pm other people, but it says that Mike is not receiving any messages. I can interact with other forums when online but not the latest page on any WW2 thread. I suspect I was on a WW2 thread when the system went down, which may be relevant. I can read all postings providing I'm not logged in.
  9. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    Same thing this morning/midday. Interestingly(?) I can open previous pages of threads on WW2 but not the current ones. Does that help find the fault? Still can't pm you Mike.
  10. Test Graham

    RLM74/75. Help needed!

    Don't go by Tamiya, go by the colour chips in the rear of books such as those by Ken Merrick and Michael Ullman. Graugrun is an invented term: the RLM did not give name to their paints.
  11. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    Your PM box was full earlier (or something) - it wouldn't accept anything. I'll try again. The tip about Internet Explorer was useful: I went into the site using Chrome and the WW2 Forum postings opened for me. A quick check back here and they still failed. So I'll switch to using Chrome for BM ... a quick check back shows it will paste too. I'll still PM you with the error message for completeness. PS: PM still says "The member Mike cannot receive any new messages." PPS: Having gone back I am now getting the same mission in Chrome that I was getting in IE, even though I successfully opened one thread the first time I tried. Not my day. PPPS: just tried it on another computer. It worked fine until I logged in. Then I got the same error message.
  12. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    BK I need to improve my proof reading. Now modified to "paste".
  13. Test Graham

    Did BM crash again today?

    I still cannot access WW2 Forum, although I can see others can, and I can access other forums. I get a Driver Error message. While I'm here, I'll mention that I still can't post to the site.
  14. Andy Saunders' book Spitfire on the restoration of P9374 GR.J has no suggestion of non-standard red centres to the roundel on 92 Sq.'s aircraft. There were some Spitfires build with non-standard roundel centres, but I don't recall the details. They are probably in the Ducimus booklet, if anyone has it handy.
  15. Test Graham

    IL-2 Sturmovic..

    It wasn't used in Korea. Look for the Il.10.