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  1. Revell sent me a new decal sheet for my black widow- entirely free of charge, not even shipping...that's an even better service i had expected

    1. Darby


      I've always had fine service from Revell. Free canopy for my Wezzy a while ago even after I told them I cracked it and wasn't already broken. Airfix however charged me 4 quid for a replacement decal sheet for the PRXIX

    2. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Yeh, Airfix used to be cheap/free for replacements. I think they've found a new market.

    3. Darby


      Footpads and cut purses are the term that springs to mind

  2. your photographs are very interesting. It looks like a computer animation with the good overall lighting and the sharp shadow on the ground. Your model is great. I believe it is much more satisfying to look at it in real as at the photos.
  3. thanks for your kind replies. Regarding the orange: I tried different versions. First the ones from Revell, paint clear orange over aluminium. It came out patchy and in general not good looking. As the clear colors from Revell are not the best ones, maybe it will be better with colors from another supplier. I went with the version that i mixed the color by myself after original photos. I didn't write down how much from every component i used, but mainly the mix consistet of glossy orange, aluminium, red and yellow. I would recommend going this way as i think the instructions with the clear o
  4. Hello folks, here a little build that served as a distraction before my next bigger one. It's a F16 in that lovely orange-red paint by the Dutch Solo Team Display Acrobatics formation. It was easy to build, i think the Revell F16 kit already casts a long shadow. As a special i cut the gears in pieces and remodelled it to a retracted state with the gear doors just closing. Went very well i think. I also added extra wires and tubes to the gears, but they can't be seen anymore The decals were very easy to handle, but though it was difficult at some points to position them correctly. I did some
  5. I think your antennas are just fine. You couldn't expect that the original ones were perfectly straight all the time. Looks way more realistic this way. Great build!
  6. Good result with the pencil there, you simply tap it on the surface? Overall very nice, could easily go as 1/48.
  7. Really a beauty. I would have gone crazy during painting;) Was it glossy before you covered it in flat clear?
  8. Let's all remember how 25 years ago the german people accomplished a truly peaceful revolution:)

    1. Darby


      A rare thing nowadays

  9. Very interesting aircraft. As you stated correctly, there are "Panzerfaust" mounted (i think Panzerfaust 150, the biggest ones available. They were a lighter weapon than the bazooka (it was handled by one man, unlike the bazooka). Thanks for sharing.
  10. This paintjob is stunning Haven't seen this realistic wear effects yet. How did you do this, with the normal hairspray method? I'm also impressed by the many different color shades you brought into the surface. Simply amazing overall!
  11. in my opinion the underside is well as it is. If you go more grayish, you will come out with a RLM76 light blue. The russian blue was way more intense. Will you build the canopy opened?
  12. yeah the decals on this kit are horrible....and too few overall. Despite that, your aircraft looks really cool!
  13. Looks somewhat retarded, but in a positive way:) Nice build, i like it
  14. Very nice bird, love the oil stains. It has just the right amount of dirt on it i think. Your decals are sligthly silvering, is it the decals (which are normally very well from revell i thought)?
  15. definitely nice looking. It's not too challenging to look at, if you know what i mean:) Just a little beautiful model for the shelf. Shouldn't be too much work to build the beacon afterwards.
  16. let's say it looks truly russian:D You mentioned all the flaws of this kit, but therefore it looks really cool.
  17. i have to compliment you on your brush paint, i can't see any brushmarks. You went for a glossy paint, but i think a matt finish would be more realistic (especially in combination with this camo). Anyways, nice build! @Jean: i think acrylics are always easier to use with a brush. You can even use brushed acrylics for a glossy car varnish and get neat results (with enough patience )
  18. i really like that you displayed the barrel combustion chambers. Does the kit provide it or did you use aftermarket?
  19. very nice F16, looks not like a 1/72. I'm currently building this kit, too. Did you do something about the intake?
  20. I'm a big fan of this colour scheme. Really clean build, not even wiggly in the corners and seams. Nice details, too, like the welding seams on the tank.
  21. Nice build, i really like the paintjob. You could have sanded down the tires a bit, theres a seam from the mold;)
  22. Beatiful aircraft. Did you use BMF for the leading edges?
  23. Very interesting build. On such subjects you can see clearly how the RLM went for smaller and more agile aircraft than the allies (even regarding the heavy bombers).
  24. Just wonderful, that's how a Navy bird should look like. I'm also happy to see that you went for the asymetric loadout. The only little thing missing is a smoke trail from the APU exhaust i think.
  25. What could express the slogan "love for everyone" better than a pink MiG 21? Doesn't look like a 1:144 scale, so good work. What did you use as the base?
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