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  1. Nice, I have one of these in the stash myself. Just need to get around to it, I was planning on lighting mine as it doesn't look like it could get much simpler.
  2. When I actually get to that stage on a project of mine I'm planning to use the winding wire from an automotive relay, it's of a very fine diameter, but is also high quality copper, so very ductile and forgiving. Plus if you crack open a relay, there's lot's of it inside.
  3. Wondering if these, or something similar is still available anywhere? Got the kit out of the stash for the first time in a decade and decided I can't live with the raised plank details. If wooden decks are a no go are the decals still available anywhere? Tia
  4. I know the box claims 1/323 or something (call it 1/350 for the sake of argument) but to me that just doesn't seem right, I'm thinking more 1/144, what do you guys with experience of the kit think?
  5. The more I look at the kit, the more I think I'm going to leave the lines, I don't mind them particularity, and I'm gonna weather it anyway, so I'll probably pin wash the grid. Might even build it as the Potemkin.
  6. Yeah I'd read it was a mish mash of several different enterprises. Googling the Jein one, I never realised how much of it obviously came from that one. (until yesterday I'd also assumed that the DS9 Enterprise was CGI, oops. Found this useful: http://www.startrekpropauthority.com/2008/07/some-previously-unreleased-photos-of.html
  7. Yeah I've read your bid a few times now. Very helpful and inspirational tbh. What does the primer coat help with? I tend to use vallejo surface primer exclusively - once cured would that be satisfactory?
  8. Picked one of these up on a whim yesterday, I was nervous as I'd read all about it's accuracy issues, but when I had a look at the sprues I was very impressed. I won't post sprue pics as other people on this forum have already done an excellent job of this. Excellent engineering of the kit - so should be a pleasure to build, yes a few shape issues, and of course, those grid canyons. I plan to light it fully (it'd be rude not to) and to build it as a constitution class ship (not Enterprise). My first (main dilemma) though is to fill or not to fill the grid lines? What are your opinions on the matter? Also if I were to what would be best filler to do it with, current I have Vallejo Plastic Putty and Mr Surfacer 500, think either of them are up to it?
  9. Many thanks, sensible price too.
  10. Wow, thanks guys, that's exactly the kind of information I was looking for, so in essence, build the model up as is with a quad mount, my choice of photoetch and a suitable colour scheme and I should have a passable O'Bannon? Can you advise which L'arsenal turrets I should look for, their website is a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated. TIA
  11. Chaps, Just picked one of these up to ease me back into ships after a long hiatus (and to build up to the big titanic I bought many years ago that's still in the stash). I'd like to build her as the O'Bannon. So I'm wondering could anybody please help me identify what differences the 2 ships had around the time of Guadalcanal? Also what aftermarket is still available for her? TIA.
  12. Very nice. Did you airbrush the aqua colour? If so how did you find it for airbrushing?
  13. This may be threadomancy, but from somebody who works at Gaydon that's a cracker. Admittedly we haven't built one of those for a while but that's lovely.
  14. I work at AML in Gaydon, she's just done one hell of a display Not seen her flying for a long time, awesome.
  15. I am indeed a Templar Player. Or I was, until we got rolled - still too angry about it to play them again at the moment. All of the lettering is Forgeworld Decals, for 40K players they are excellent.
  16. The bit you probably can't see in the pics is the pilots name is his, and his callsign is his favourite comic book character
  17. Cheers, getting it to the weathering stage was not a pleasant experience. The actually weathering itself was a breeze by comparison.
  18. Here's one I prepared earlier - I call him 'Ancient Rainman' His unfinished friend is called 'Drop Dread Fed', those of you who play 40K can guess what he's fond of doing
  19. Hi Guys, First post here from a long time lurker. I built this Viper as a gift for my friends 40th, as I'm basically a wargamer (boo hiss etc.) it was my first time building something 'big' for many years. As a result of being rusty the thing fought me all the way, but I'm happy with the end result. It's personalised to him (pilots name and d.o.b. for the hull registry).
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