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  1. Nothing specific, more a generic homage, and yes NW Europe (might do North Africa at a later date). Already have the rfm VC in the stash, just wanted a Sherman iii to accompany it
  2. Thanks for the reply, that's pretty much the same as I've managed to glean so far. Lack of texture side it's a really nice kit, but I'm mainly looking to build staffs yeomanry (family reasons). Drunk me needs to stop buying sober me presents
  3. I've read that the British didn't receive any M4A2 large hatch tanks in WW2 (75mm variants). Is this true or does anybody have photos to prove otherwise? I ask as I'd like to build up Zvezdas new offering as such but not if it never happened TIA
  4. I'm gearing up to build Revells 1/32 spitfire mkiia as P7350 in her current guise (given the model seems to have been based on this aircraft). Does anybody have any good reference images or links to please? Also time to hunt for a new nose cone, no idea why it's the shape it is... Thanks in advance.
  5. If you haven't check out Robziglu?s version on here, it's amazing.
  6. I'll take a Falklands Hermes first please
  7. They the Life Colour Acrylics? If so, how do they go on?
  8. Life Colour Acrylics make one: https://sage-shop.com/epages/ElitaModelleShop.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/ElitaModelleShop/Products/55009
  9. Thanks, I'll keep a lookout for the 144 stuff
  10. Do you have a link to your shapeways shop?
  11. Thanks guys, Rob your build is ridiculously inspiring (and daunting). Is the round radar for the 271? Type as opposed to the sw1c? I've been on the forum suggested, some excellent stuff there. There any resources that are useful for nailing down a specific ships unique differences?
  12. Guys, Now I've managed to get the photoetch for her I'm ready to start. I'm wondering though which other flowers could she depict out of the box? I'd rather not buy any more aftermarket if possible. Thanks in advance.
  13. If you just want to paint them - Vallejo liquid gold (old gold probably). You'll need alcohol and a dedictaed brush to use it, but it's wonderful stuff.
  14. Apologies if this had been posted before, some great footage.
  15. Chips. Chips with everything... Started to pin wash the hull after a yellow ochre filter. Been using raw umbest oils as burnt umbest didn't pop for me, and I have no van dyke Brown.
  16. Paintings underway. Having a blast so far. Happy with the tank, not sure I'm happy with the schurzen camouflage, might end up repainting them.
  17. Started building up the tracks last night, they will need the Academy drive sprocket - the teeth on the Tamiya ones won't engage the tracks properly because the Tamiya wheel is 1-2 mm wider. The Academy tracks are nice to work with though.
  18. I guess I'll be finding out how the academy tracks fit
  19. Got one of these in the stash and aching to build it (lit of course). My only quandry is how to cut out the windows on the saucer rim. I know Paragrafix sell a kit that features a template, but I'd rather avoid the expense - anybody any ideas how to go about it? TIA.
  20. Those are both equally good ideas The academy box shows poly caps in the wheels it supplies, but no caps came with it (the wheels did). I'll check later, was adding rails and skirts etc last night.
  21. Thanks Mike. Do they need the academy wheels or are the tamiya ones ok? Assuming this is a tamiya kit of course ☺
  22. Thanks for the tip, might give it a go if I don't like the academy tracks.
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