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  1. Harrypotter

    Italeri 1.35 Schnellboot S-38

    That looks awesome (and big)!
  2. Harrypotter

    HMS Ark Royal 1977 1/700

    I'll take a Falklands Hermes first please
  3. Harrypotter

    Bluebird k7, 1967

    They the Life Colour Acrylics? If so, how do they go on?
  4. Harrypotter

    Bluebird k7, 1967

    Life Colour Acrylics make one: https://sage-shop.com/epages/ElitaModelleShop.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/ElitaModelleShop/Products/55009
  5. Harrypotter

    Revell 144 Snowberry can be built as?

    Thanks, I'll keep a lookout for the 144 stuff
  6. Harrypotter

    Revell 144 Snowberry can be built as?

    Do you have a link to your shapeways shop?
  7. Harrypotter

    Revell 144 Snowberry can be built as?

    Thanks guys, Rob your build is ridiculously inspiring (and daunting). Is the round radar for the 271? Type as opposed to the sw1c? I've been on the forum suggested, some excellent stuff there. There any resources that are useful for nailing down a specific ships unique differences?
  8. Harrypotter

    Revell 144 Snowberry can be built as?

    Guys, Now I've managed to get the photoetch for her I'm ready to start. I'm wondering though which other flowers could she depict out of the box? I'd rather not buy any more aftermarket if possible. Thanks in advance.
  9. If you just want to paint them - Vallejo liquid gold (old gold probably). You'll need alcohol and a dedictaed brush to use it, but it's wonderful stuff.
  10. Harrypotter

    East of Suez

    Apologies if this had been posted before, some great footage.
  11. Harrypotter

    HMS Victory Revell 1:225

    It's Popeye, he ate his Spinach
  12. Harrypotter

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Chips. Chips with everything... Started to pin wash the hull after a yellow ochre filter. Been using raw umbest oils as burnt umbest didn't pop for me, and I have no van dyke Brown.
  13. Harrypotter

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Redid the schurzen, happier now.
  14. Harrypotter

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Paintings underway. Having a blast so far. Happy with the tank, not sure I'm happy with the schurzen camouflage, might end up repainting them.
  15. Harrypotter

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Started building up the tracks last night, they will need the Academy drive sprocket - the teeth on the Tamiya ones won't engage the tracks properly because the Tamiya wheel is 1-2 mm wider. The Academy tracks are nice to work with though.