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  1. Thanks it is a very particular armored car used of cecoslovacchia army in '30 years i try to make a scene in this time
  2. thanks, for the inclination of the figs it is make for do a khinetics form at all the diorama, not natural pose can be use for this
  3. Thanks if you like here i start another diorama http://augustomotolo.blogspot.it/2018/02/kocevje-battle.html
  4. http://augustomotolo.blogspot.it/2018/02/kocevje-battle.html
  5. In September 1943 partisan take this town in Slovachia and German reacted with inf.Regiment 134 of 162 Turk Inf. Div. and the SS Polizei Regiment 19 supported of element of 13 verstärkte Polizei Panzer Kompanie, in this action was used 2 italian tank L 6/40 (German use many italian tank after 8 September). Any info up this action and this troops is welcome, for example the SS police in the picture look used anorak from mountain troops some known why? For see all the work in progress look here http://augustomotolo.blogspot.it/2018/02/kocevje-battle.html
  6. Thanks i try to rebuild a 1930 small diorama
  7. Thanks so much at all, for see all the work go to link thanks
  8. http://augustomotolo.blogspot.it/2017/
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