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  1. The Me 163 doesn't need much introduction: it was aerodynamically far ahead its type, the only purely rocket-powered fighter to enter regular service and actually go into combat, and a death-trap to users due to the horrendously dangerous fuels it used. The premise of course was an aircraft that could get to operating height at unheard-of speeds, then make a couple of unpowered attack passes before gliding back to earth. At this point it was highly vulnerable, unable to go around for a second try if the approach was wrong, and prone to explode if residual fuel was mixed on impact. The type scored a number of successes against enemy aircraft (16 kills), but 6 were lost to enemy action and 9 to other causes. Arguably these loss numbers are extremely low considering the novelty of almost all of the systems involved, but the impact the type had certainly didn't justify the effort made. The main beneficiaries of the design were the post-war air forces who built and operated tailless types that to a greater or lesser extent derived from the Me 163. The legendary Eric Brown flew one under power (only after signing a disclaimer stating the German ground crew acted under his orders!), reaching 32000 feet in under three minutes, an experience he described as "like being in charge of a runaway train". He found that the aircraft handled well, with "good flight characteristics", in contrast to the other tailless designs he flew, all of which were in his opinion "killers". The kit is Hobby Boss's easy-build effort, with some scratchbuilding in the cockpit plus some refinement to the trailing edges and supports of the landing skid, but otherwise out of the box. No weathering, as none of these aircraft were in service long enough to become weathered! This makes me wonder whether it's worth scratchbuilding cockpits! Underside, for reference. Rear quarter view Front view shows the wing root mounted MK108 cannons: devastatingly destructive, the short range of the cannons combined with the high speed of the Me 163 made aiming and hitting extremely difficult, From above
  2. A superb job!
  3. Mitch K

    Malta Spitfire

  4. Absolutely stunning!
  5. A superb collection. I love the Junkers - doing the job of the V-22 Osprey about 75 years earlier!
  6. Mitch K

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    She's a beautiful aeroplane, Martian. Personally I think the Hungarian version with the radial engine is even better-looking - the BMW engine cowling is a bit lumpy for the rest of her lines. Might start with some paint soon!
  7. Mitch K

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    These shots show the joint lines after assembly. You'll know I'm not the luckiest/most skillful in getting joints to close up, but it took a huge amount of trimming and fettling to get to this stage. These where the inner and out wing panels join were the worst. I masked either side and used white milliput to fill them, then smoothed it all out to reduce the amount of sanding. I did the upper wing/wing root joins with kneadtite green. You can get a really smooth finish with no sanding (in fact the stuff won't sand), but it shrinks a bit and isn't really amenable to building up in layers, so I find it really only works on narrow gaps like this. However, it does allow you to really preserve surface details. The tailcone took a LOT of fitting, and any resemblance between the original form of the slots in it and what was needed is pure coincidence. Following a few goes over with standard Squadron green putty everywhere else, I installed the fuselage windows (except the small round porthole which has gone the way of the wind and will need doing with Clearfix or something). I also installed and fitted wingtip navigation lights. After this I gave her a good scrub up and masked the lights and windows, ready for a coat of primer. This isn't a "full" prime as such, but more a case of seeing if any more filler will be needed. At that point I'll fit the rest of glazing.
  8. Mitch K

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    Here are some more shots of the cockpit. In contrast to Spitfires, Bf-109's and the like, you can see quite a lot.
  9. Mitch K

    Heinkel He162 Salamander/Spatz

    Sadly this one is on hold for now as I've managed to lose the undercarriage doors! Luckily there was a thread on here about getting spare parts for Hobby Boss kits, and I'll follow up and hopefully get some progress!
  10. Mitch K

    MIG-21MF 1/72 Mistercraft

    Lovely. Two questions: What air force is this? How many air forces have used the MiG21 in its various forms?
  11. Mitch K

    Zvezda BF 109F Marseille

  12. Mitch K

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    I built some P-51D's, mainly because they were birds that flew from the airfields close to where I was born. I lost the will with them because I simply cannot get on with the Airfix P-51: I've started three and finished one. The rest have languished because I found getting the fuselage to close up was worse than most of the short-run kits I've wrestled with.
  13. Mitch K


    Very nice! Until I looked at the GB posts I thought this was 1/48 or even larger.
  14. Mitch K

    Heinkel He70 Revell 1/72

    That Bristol Hippocampus - the world's only horizontal radial engine! I've built Luftwaffe aircraft before and I probably will again, heck I've built RAF aircraft and even one USAAF bird in a moment of weakness. Actually, I also have a Spanish build in mind too!
  15. Mitch K

    Zvezda 1/72 109F Finished

    Thanks for the tips, especially the aileron balances! I searched Hannants and didn't find those when I was building my two G6/AS's. Suffice it to say that an alternative to scratchbuilding the wretched things myself is very, very welcome!