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  1. Smashing. I'll be buying one or two (one in Polish markings one in the service of the Sovereign Military Order of St John of Malta!). It has to be better than trying to kitbash one from a MisterCraft P11!
  2. Man oh man oh man! I have to confess I had nearly forgotten this! I am so, so pleased to see progress. Good .luck and hope it keeps progressing!
  3. Hi Luis, and thanks for your comments and interest. All my colours are mixed using Tamiya paints, then thinned with isopropanol for airbrushing. The main camo is designed to represent standard RLM71/65, with the Romanian yellow. If Romanian fighters are something you're interested in, then the Mushroom/MMP book on the subject is really, really good. The weathering is oil paints, white, yellow ochre and ultramarine mixed, then thinned with lighter fluid. I wash then onto the surface, with a soft brush, let the solvent flash off, then wipe off most of it with kitchen roll and q-tip
  4. Messerschmitt Bf109E-3, W.Nr 2486, Escadrila 57, Grupul 7 Vänätoare, (57 Squadron, 7 Fighter Group), Romanian Royal Air Force, Karpovka-Stalingrad, late 1942. The aircraft was the personal mount of Lt. Av. Ioan Dicezare (hence the “IDC” monogram below the cockpit on the port side). Dicezare scored 16 confirmed and 3 probable kills, (although some credit him with 40 kills). making him the fourth-highest scoring Romanian ace. “Hai Feţito” translates roughly as “C’mon little girl”, a reference to a racehorse filly that Di Cesare owned. Dicezare was a horse racing fanatic.
  5. Loving this! Such a vast improvement over the other 1/72 scale offerings!
  6. Panzer IVG of 16. Panzer Division, Italy 1943. Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 scale kit, Tamiya paints, decals from spares (crosses, numbers) or home-made (Divisional symbol)
  7. OK, I fitted the turret skirt armour, which is very, very over-scale. To be honest it always is: the real armour was (I think) 5mm thick, so in scale that works out to about 3 thou, so compromise is inevitable. My compromise was to grind it away so the edge is scale-ish and ignore the rest! After finishing the primer I sprayed on some home-mixed panzer yellow. Starting to look the part a bit more now. Panzer grey was applied to the roadwheel tyres (black is always too stark for this) and the tracks were fixed in place.
  8. Yes! And I'm going to do a proper post in the next couple of days - down to the wire I know, but the 16th Panzer will roll!
  9. A truly fantastic collection! Thank you all for sharing your work with us.
  10. For no readily explicable reason, I really like the 406, and this is a super example. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Lovely result on a nice kit. I like the D.520, but it didn't have a good reputation. Eric Brown flew the D.520 and didn't have a good word to say about it!
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