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  1. Mitch K

    Panzer IV STGB Gallery

    Panzer IVG of 16. Panzer Division, Italy 1943. Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 scale kit, Tamiya paints, decals from spares (crosses, numbers) or home-made (Divisional symbol)
  2. Mitch K

    Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVG

    Done! Next stop the Gallery!
  3. Mitch K

    Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVG

    OK, I fitted the turret skirt armour, which is very, very over-scale. To be honest it always is: the real armour was (I think) 5mm thick, so in scale that works out to about 3 thou, so compromise is inevitable. My compromise was to grind it away so the edge is scale-ish and ignore the rest! After finishing the primer I sprayed on some home-mixed panzer yellow. Starting to look the part a bit more now. Panzer grey was applied to the roadwheel tyres (black is always too stark for this) and the tracks were fixed in place. After a coat of gloss the decals went on. These came from a sheet for 1/100 scale aircraft that I picked up at a wargame show. Very nice they are too, and despite being for "rough" work on wargaming models, they would be a credit to a great many specialised firms doing designer decals. The turret numbers are spare serials from a Kora set for KNIL Hawk 75's. Final things were to pick out details of tools, guns and the like, run an oil wash into the crevices, and "mist" on a coat of Vallejo Air RAL Ivory to give the impression of dust. By putting more on lower down, dirt on the running gear was accentuated. The kit contains two commander figures: one wearing a "Schiffchen" side cap, the other a peak field cap. I painted mine in a deviation from regular uniform that was quite commonly seen: the tropical shirt worn with the black Panzer cap. The black uniform was a mark of real pride to the Panzertruppen, who would wear all or part of it even when it was not authorized.
  4. Mitch K

    Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVG

    Yes! And I'm going to do a proper post in the next couple of days - down to the wire I know, but the 16th Panzer will roll!
  5. A truly fantastic collection! Thank you all for sharing your work with us.
  6. For no readily explicable reason, I really like the 406, and this is a super example. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Lovely result on a nice kit. I like the D.520, but it didn't have a good reputation. Eric Brown flew the D.520 and didn't have a good word to say about it!
  8. A beautiful build of an aircraft I really like! Thanks for sharing.
  9. BMW VI vee-twelve. Also seen on the He51 and Arado 68 fighters, among others. Comparable to an RR Kestrel, roughly...
  10. Hmm. Backfill the wheel wells with milliput, smooth it out and engrave the doors into the filler, then... I'll know for next time, not that there will be one!
  11. Jerzy, there is a saying in this country when somebody asks you to do the impossible: Are you having a laugh?! There is not, to use another very English expression, a cat in hell's chance of re-aligning those wheels. I'll just have to sat it had a hard landing!