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  1. I have only used the AS-5 and found it a good match for RLM 76.
  2. My recommendations would be one of the Dragon/Cyberhobby Bf 109 E kits or the Hasegawa Bf 109 F. Both are accurate and each build well.
  3. Very cool and very realistic...you are the master of 109 modeling!
  4. Absolutely brilliant! In some photos it looks real.
  5. A surviving RLM document states that the new colors were to be implemented by July 1944. It did allow for existing stocks of RLM 70 and 71 to be substituted for the late war colors in the following combinations, 70/82 and 71/81. In August 1944 the RLM sent out an additional directive forbidding the use of anything other than approved RLM colors and camouflage schemes.
  6. Here is a scan of page 25 from Monogram's Luftwaffe Painting Guide...
  7. E-1s and E-3s were built along side one another on the same assembly lines, and the E-1 had the panel for the 20mm like the the E-3. Close inspection of the photo below shows the panel on an E-1 (outboard of the MG port).
  8. W.Nr 7205 was a Bf 109 F-4 built by WNF in a production run of 1046 aircraft between May 1941 and December 1942. The external stiffening strips were fitted on many examples of the F-4. Hans-Joachim Marseille flew at least three F-4/Trop aircraft with these fittings (W.Nr. 8693, 10059, and 8673). Note that Marseille's 8673 went into service in August of 1942.
  9. "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” Mark Twain
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