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  1. Not updated for a while. Now I'm ready to report that J-21 is fully painted. Needs a coat of gloss finish yet. Paints used are Hobby Color H53 for neutral grey and H309 for green as suggested by the instruction in fact. Blue is a mix to match blue of the letter codes. Aluminium is used in gear bays, blacked intakes, gun metal for exhaust. Thanks for looking! Dennis
  2. Hmmm. Never heard about it. Looks like an IJAF'46 subject. And can't stop thinking it might be a never born child of piston SAAB J-21 and a Vampire.
  3. Oh my God.... We begged for just a kit of the OV-1 in 1/72. We do not need an ultimate one Jokes aside - this is an incredible set for the money. Unbelievable that someone is ready to give all the ultimate parts for not much more than a typical 1/72 kit... I'm now assembling their Whittle. The quality of plastic parts' details is better than resin quality from many manufacturers...
  4. Great model! Sad news about S&M founder. Hopefully someone will acquire molds and re-release those models someday.
  5. I believe this is possible with labour cost level in Ukraine. Interesting to see what kind of molding forms they use.
  6. Hi, still good result and a very striking scheme so a great addition to the collection! I just recently had a problem with Israeli Magister myself. I doing it in demonstration scheme with white decal stripes. And those decals cracking all over the aircraft I laid off the model for about three months thinking how to restore it. Ended up just touching with white paint here and there and applying rest of the decals... Ultimately it does not look that bad
  7. I'd like them to rebox Italeri's H-19! That is something Italeri hides from the public for years!!!
  8. Fun it's released in plastic. Maybe I get one, but what I really expect from the VTOL theme is the tiltrotor/tiltwing series... a Bell XV-3 sells immediately to me. Or a CL-84...
  9. Hi everyone! I apologise if this was discussed here already - but is that possible to make an Israeli F-4E out of any kits released by Finemolds by now? Or better wait a bit for the probable dedicated IDF box? Thanks, Dennis
  10. My eyes pain when I look at this on the web even!!! And not sure if I could do as nicely detailed model in 1/72. Outstanding work, Sir!!!
  11. Hi there! Have not posted for a while but that does not mean no progress on the project. Both Whittle and Vampire got interiors painted. And Vampire moved to the assembly shop. Interiors added and fuselage locked: Kit supplied decals are used for instrument panel and harness. First time ever did harness with decals. Not photoetch of course but looks reasonable. As to the instrument panel - I believe decals are actually perfect for these IMO. Not much worse than coloured PE from Eduard. Green that I use I agree is not traditional grey-green. However I already used this on a number of WWII subjects and find it quite okay to have the whole line up with the same interior paint. One more point - on the smartphone photoes it goes too much into the blue while it's more greyish in reality. Added wings too: Pretty simple step without much alignment efforts. Prior to adding wings I thinned leading edges that I cut previously (see posts above) to mitigate the wing chord error at least a little bit. Nose cone is still not added as I want to make sure I put enough lead there after I attach beams and stabiliser. Beams are not glued yet. The intent here is to show some fit issues. While upper sides work really ok with very little filler needed, on the lower side of both wing and beams there are some gaps. I closed the wing gap with putty already. Same would be needed with beams too. More to come soon! Kind regards, Dennis
  12. Hi Everyone, Took a week-long holiday out of country in May so not much updates yet. Still my J-21 is ready for paint job. Quite a bit of putty, sanding and rescribing. Nothing critical but still not too fast. Canopy fit is not excellent. I started with right-upper side, then added left side and then front screen. That minimised gaps at least but still the shapes of front screen and other parts are not perfectly identical so there is a small step. Also some trimming was needed to let better fit of rear windows on the sides. Some extra parts to be painted: Nacelle with guns was not an easy fit but looks fine ultimately. Not sure that struts are exactly as on the real thing, but looks reasonably fine to me. To make sure main gear sits firmly I added brass shafts and drilled holes in the gear bays. Kind regards, Dennis
  13. Looks like if someone decides to produce the whole series of Vampires/Venoms - nose gear should be on a separate sprue then. Would pilot be the same? I reckon some boxings would require two..
  14. Was there any common part between Vampire Mk.I and say Sea Venom FAW.22?
  15. Getting back with updates on my WIPs. I'll do an update for J-21R a bit later when it's fully ready for paint job. Now there is a little update with Lansen. Assembled and installed cockpit tub into fuselage: It's a combo of kit parts and PE from Maestro Models. Front panel is from the kit as Maestro option is for J-32E without gun sight and with different layout of instruments. Side panels look ok for J-32B. Some lead+plasticine load is added. Not super heavy as the plane does not look to be a heavy tail sitter. Pulled together bang seats Again a mixture of kit parts, maestro PE and home built release handle. Next is the scratched interior for the airbrakes niches. There were resin parts supplied with the PE set, but they did not want to get in place really well, were just representing blank walls, and ultimately fell apart as I attempted closing fuselage for the first time. I broke one of them in anger and then decided to produce a bit better version from scratch. Result is not 100% realistic but more or less resembles what one would see in that area. Okay. Ultimately fuselage is closed today Next step is addition of main gear bay that would require quite a bit of scratch detail. And then adding wing, tail, etc. All the best, Dennis
  16. Just to make sure I understand - covid gave 90% growth to the plastic models sales (2020 against 2019)?
  17. I think that is the key. Market (in Europe!) has changed. Craft manufacturers from Central and Eastern Europe reign the market of adult modellers and make seemingly good business while mass producers of childish kits are in clear decline. Seems the situation on the Far East is different which helps local manufacturers maintain high outputs. But in Europe we are clearly witnessing market shift.
  18. Hi Tim, A great diorama idea and two nice models there!!! The thing on top of the canopy is the periscope. The view from the rear seat was non-existent so they cheated this way.
  19. A great T.4, very colourful, interesting prototype! I assembled the same Sword kit and know it requires certain time and skill investment, so congrats with a great result!!! Dennis
  20. Interesting prototype. There is not a lot of piston driven Luft'46 aircraft. And it's made with great skill as always!!!
  21. Hi! An hour with ruler and cutting mat and I managed to do this!!! Looks pretty much straight and parallel!!! That is not the easiest step. The booms attachment system is not the easiest one. Protruding undercarriage interiors add strength but make alignment more challenging. Well next is my favourite - putty and sanding!!! Plus tip tanks and canopy to be added. Looks like my J-21 makes it on final run to paint shop. Cheers, Dennis
  22. Just primed interiors. Before: ... and after: Then aluminium, exhaust, grey green, black and red brown paints go.
  23. There is space between intakes, undercarriage, instrument panel and fuselage top side. Also some weight might go beneath the cockpit floor aft of the undercarriage bay. I will put as much lead as possible in both areas and hope that is enough.
  24. Hi, quite a lot of progress with Whittle. Mostly getting ready interiors for painting: Job done: 1) pre assembled cockpit's plastic parts (details in the cockpit are of good resin quality - fantastic!!!), 2) cut a number of interior and some exterior parts such as gear doors and exhaust pipe 3) glued wheels together 4) added pe horizontal splits into the intake channels. Clearprop cleverly provided slots to insert these parts as otherwise it would have been a disaster to attach. 5) assembled undercarriage bays and then assembled the whole wing structure. What would I say? Fit is outstanding, but that goes until you have so many parts that should be aligned. So far so good but fuselage fit look problematic ahead: My plan is to paint everything, attach intake sides and then trim cockpit part until it fits okay.
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