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  1. A little bit side question but - do I get it right that there is an open market now for straight wing Thunderjets as well? Tamiya's F-84G seems to be OOP and there are no any other decent alternatives. Moreover Tamiya was never covering earlier variants of F-84 and camera equipped reconnaissance options (although scratch conversion is not impossible).

    Should SH be looking in that direction maybe?

  2. Arma Hobby is a model kits and accessories producer in Poland previously working under multiple brands and more recently adopting the "Arma Hobby" name. 

    Arma-Models is a pretty old and large offline hobby shop in Moscow which also works as an online hobby retailer. It seems recently they decided to move into models production too. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, UberDaveToo said:

    Any chance they'll do Thunderbird markings?



    Hmmm. Would it be easier to provide masks for nose, tail and wing tips? And decals for the stars and standard marking. I know I would surely screw up the nose decals. Even if decals are provided I would probably prefer to paint the colours. 


    Let's see. I bet Caracal or maybe somebody else would release the aftermarket sheet for the Thunderbirds. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, RidgeRunner said:

    I built a couple of the RFs and they are a better than anything else on the market despite the flaws. If the F-84F has similar “flaws” I will be equally as happy. Let’s face it, Sword are the only manufacturer to recognise the significance of the type and to then produce it in 1/72. Well done, Sword!



    Sword is a manufacturer that recognises importance of many-many types completely ignored by others. 

    I built their 1/72 Harrier T.8, Cougar F9F-8T, JP.5, T-33 (well this one has an alternative) plus Tarangus labelled J-29 and J-32 and keep RF-84F and AEW Gannet in stash. None is available from any other manufacturers other than as relict kits from ebay. 

    None were easy builds, but all of them built into nicely looking models. 

    Keep on going, Sword!

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  5. Here you can see the photoes of the decompressed shock absorber 


    What Sword gives in the kit is clearly the compressed struts for the loaded aircraft (see sprues shots on the previous page). 

    So looks like some play is needed around the length of the main gear or maybe with the main wheels size.

    Assembled Sword model sits as an empty aircraft in the museums in the webpage above with almost vertical front strut. If the fuselage is tilted back - the front gear will receive the right angle for the loaded aircraft.


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  6. Interesting aircraft that almost replaced La-5 but the decision was cancelled the last moment for mere practicality as La-5 was good enough and introduction of I-185 required start of mass production of new engine M-71 instead of ASh-82 and reconfiguration of production facilities to produce different fuselage and wings. 

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  7. Nice as always!


    The only thing I'd like Sword to start doing - add decals for instrument panel and seat belts. Sword used to supply kits with PE frets for interior and some exterior elements. Ok, I get it adds cost. Now they do quite detailed plastic instrument panels and provide resin seats. But these parts would strongly benefit from small decals. Techmod prints very crisp decals so should not be a problem to add instruments and seat belts in SH style. 

    Hope, Sword guys, you read it :)


    Otherwise great subject choice and I believe good molding for short run technology. 

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  8. 17 minutes ago, alt-92 said:

    manufacturer sales to distributors? 
    Yeah, I can accept those not making a difference. 
    Does mean the retailer and distributor gets stuck with the boxes on the shelves though..

    I agree. Trustful negative reviews are not coming out the day one. Picky modellers need time to receive kits, measure against plans and photoes and then publish their observations.

    At the same time I believe manufacturers ship solid portion of molded kits to distributors the day one well before any negative reviews come out.

  9. 57 minutes ago, alt-92 said:

    Bit harsh.


    The Italeri stand with that giant AMX backdrop suggests we won't have to wait a couple of years for that to appear. 

    They invested into big backdrop because they know they will use if for several years 😉

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  10. Secret release is very likely something from interwar Poland. Given IBG devotion to that period and fairly long list of never produced interwar Polish types - would be completely logical to continue the theme with some trainer or utility type. 

    Still we could hope for something like PZL Wilga or maybe Dromader for agricultural aircraft lovers :)

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  11. 7 hours ago, stevehnz said:

    Heller was another, I had some cockpits sets for my Heller kits but by the time I realised they were on their way I had left it too late in many cases. You snooze, you loose. :(


    Agree - older kits = older resin manufacturers. Especially if the kits are also out of production. Still I think CMK and Aires have produced quite a lot of resin casts for not so new kits but also agree for some kits no alternatives to Pavla exist. 

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  12. It's of course unfortunate, but it's life. A lot of great modelling firms are gone - Frog and Matchbox are examples. 

    Pavla was great in terms of manufacturing a lot of short run kits of more or less obscure types. Looks like that heritage is secured in the hands of AZ/KP. 

    Pavla was also great for its time in producing resin replacements or vacformed canopies. But quite frankly I should admit that these days we're having lots of new resin manufacturers with much exceeding quality (reskit, barracuda, res-im) and older players that have better quality than Pavla (Eduard, Aires, newer sets from CMK).

    Vacformed canopies is something I personally hate and would use only if kit canopy is disastrous. But I can recognise that is something that is most irreplaceable in many cases. 

    Still time for Pavla has gone and I think it was noticeable for a while that their business is in considerable decline. It is what it is...

  13. On 12/01/2023 at 00:45, hopkp said:

    I think it's quite possible that the market for 1/72 kits isn't anything like as big as it used to be and that manufacturers like Airfix and Eduard are just reacting to this. I don't know how typical my modelling friends and I would be, but of a core group of eight of us only three have kept up an interest in 1/72. The other five (myself included) now only buy kits in 1/48 and 1/32. All of us would have had a big interest in 1/72 in our (sadly now distant!) youth. Modelling seems to be an 'older' pastime these days and maybe this is associated with a preference for kits with bigger parts.....that we can actually see!

    I'd agree. Looking at the ranges of new releases for aircraft kits and a/m staff at big H I think 1/48 beats 1/72 these days in terms of quantity. And reasons are obvious: 1) ageing modelling community prefers larger bits, 2) level of details in 1/48 is way higher making it more possible to build truly realistic models. 

    I personally still try to stick to 1/72 because if you prefer jet-era models - these are quite large in 1/48 and require a lot of space for demonstration and also 1/72 is sort of compromise if you like to have your collection in one scale and want to have there e.g. F-105 next to OH-6 or Bf-109 next to Wellington.

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  14. 47 minutes ago, TEXANTOMCAT said:


    I'm thinking of value in terms of modelling heritage. Sorry if I used a wrong word. Work done (molds, cads, decal set researches, etc.) should not disappear and it's great if it stays with modelling community (producers, enthusiasts, modellers etc.).

    Just hope that someone will be able to release S&M kits (issued and not issued too) again which would be in my view a great contribution to Mel's heritage. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, Colin @ Freightdog Models said:

    Knowing Mel it was probably a gentleman's agreement, they produced 1000 bags kits and he released them. Likely the Provost will appear under MikroMir/AMP if they think there is a market for them. I undestood from Mel that the mould did not last and a new one would need to be produced.



    Agree that given these were short run kits, the molds are possibly not usable anymore. In that case 3D CAD drawings is what represents value. And here we have another question - who retains CADs?

  16. 1 hour ago, Richard Humm said:

    AMP and Mikro-Mir (who I think were producing the kits for Mel) have issued variants of the S&M Canberra, so they might be able to use the Provost mould.

    I think it depends on the contractor agreement terms between Micromir and S&M. Maybe Micromir was able to market certain variants of Canberra themselves but that might be not the case for Provost or Sycamore. 

    Anyway molds are likely retained in Ukraine and I'm sure would eventually be reused by Micromir or by someone else who could acquire right to use the molds. 

  17. 25 minutes ago, Trenton guy said:

    Yes, they were on full release. They were a partnership with A Model and very nice as you say. I have two of what I believe were three boxings.


    72-31 which had two RAF silver era examples, one with yellow and the other dayglow. Also, a mostly red private example.

    72-33 which had markings for Sudan, Oman, Malaysia, and Burma.


    The decals were clearly A Model productions. Perhaps A Model will be able release them again at some point in future. They were surely molded in Ukraine. That has already happened with Mel’s Canberras.

    A little separate topic - but AccsGB issued Venoms that are molded very similarly to how S&M models were produced and instructions convey gratitude to Mel (mentioning he passed away). So it seems like Mel was at least taking part in the design of AccsGB Venom. Might it be an indication that AccsGB took over right to issue Venoms from S&M and maybe now maintain some rights to market other S&M models including Provost?

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