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  1. 1 hour ago, Piotr Mikolajski said:

    We do, however, have a competitive whole Meteor family from MPM/Special Hobby. Will the Airfix be better? We don't know, but as a model released in 2022 it should be far better, because the MPM family premiered in 2006. Will Airfix prepare more than the 14 versions (F.1, F.1 Trent, F.3, F.4, T.7, T.7.5, F.8, F.8 Prone, FR.9, PR.10, NF.11, NF.12, NF.13, NF.14) released by MPM/Special Hobby? Well, I don't think so.

    One nuance here. As far as I understand the NF series from SH is an entirely new model not related to the usual Meteor from 2006. And here we get closer to the thread topic :) I'm wondering if Airfix is actually going to miss an opportunity to release more from the full series...


    One example of completely lost opportunity in my view - never released metal wing Hurricane mk.I.  Why??? How is that at all possible for the British model company to miss the true BoB Hurricane stopping half step from that?

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Piotr Mikolajski said:

    Airfix is still mentally stuck in the seventies, in the belief that modellers don't need surface detail and drainage ditches are better than thin panel lines, that they don't need different versions, that they don't need interesting camouflage schemes, because "modellers will make their own versions" or "the aftermarket will take care of everything".

    Hi Piotr, 


    Thank you for the detailed response! All that really makes sense. And the above quotation  I think is the essential Airfix problem. They are stuck with expensive steel molds that they do not like to make customizable to produce varied versions of the same aircraft - thus losing market. 

    Plus they do have troubles in producing modernly fine molds so they simplify exterior and adhere to trenchy panel lines. 


    And then we hear stories of declining market etc. while in reality the market and hobby are flourishing. 


    P.S. By saying Eduard and MPM/SH are new manufacturers - I mean they are new to the top league with superior quality. Sure they are not at Tamiya or Finemolds level - but at least already ahead of Airfix.

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  3. On 14/02/2022 at 20:09, wadeocu said:

    Let's face it, our hobby is an ever shrinking market.  With fewer and fewer kits sold year after year as customers die off, decide the stash is big enough or decide the cost of buying kits that won't be built is just too high, demand decreases and the manufacturers sell fewer and fewer kits.


    I wonder if there is any world wide statistics on the market size?

    My view: even though overall sales volume might not be growing or may even be actually declining - the market is still large enough to allow entrance of new manufacturers who start mass production of high-quality long-run kits. Examples are Eduard, SH, Arma etc. 

    So probably we actually have a market shift from low-end buyers of simple kits for pennies to high-end buyers of quality kits for double-digit numbers? 

    If that's the case - Airfix price strategy is right, but they desperately need to change the approach to product quality to follow the high-end market. 

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  4. Hi everyone,


    All right. I thought that the Little Italian is the easiest one to pull together so it is going through assembly shop right now. 




    First picture - all prepainted parts are here. Instruction says interior is fully black including seats. Walkaround pictures of Italian SF.260 are showing mostly grey interiors, however photos of the prototype M.M.54436 from the final flight ceremony on 19/9/2009 actually confirm all black cockpit except for the instrument panel. 


    Second picture shows instrument panel and seats with decals added. Seat belts are probably oversized for 1/72 but worked fine at last. Instrument panel decal is spot on. No problems with decals application. Seats are generously covered with future to ensure better decals adhesion and create smooth italian leather look :) and differentiate from flat cockpit finish. 


    Third shot is preassembled cockpit (fit is fine) and with weight added. Space was enough to squeeze three pieces of lead there which seems sufficient to ensure proper position on three wheels.


    The last one is from yesterday late evening - fuselage closed! Front part is just inserted to ensure proper alignment. 


    More will be coming on other airplanes.


    Kind regards,


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  5. Painting continues. I spent about two hours today with black colour. I used mix of Vallejo black and grey primers in fact to paint black parts and prime exhausts for further painting into gun metal. 


    I know it's a bit hard to see black parts on black painted masking tape :)


    I think I'll make some dedicated posts on each airplane over this week. 

  6. 38 minutes ago, ivand said:

    And the wings (Heller in green). The position of the dogtooth is close to the Airfix one, as opposed to the Heller (which has the superfluous cutouts for the lights).

    Is Heller or Airfix so off? And second question - how is the KP molding quality? Any softness of smaller details?

    I've not been looking really to this kit having seen unsuccessful L-159. But looks like this one is not so bad at all. 

  7. Hi All,


    As festivities are over, I'm getting back to the workbench.

    Firstly, I completed all the outstanding bits of jet trainers and gave an extra white primer cover to everything that is going to be white. 

    Look at these marvels:


    I actually cut the front wheel molded together with the strut to give way for the resin replacement. This required a new wheel axe. All this photoetch is supplied in the Eduard fret and worked finely. 


    Second action - I cut, sanded and preassembled some of the propeller trainers' interiors and minor exterior bits.


    And already primed all that too. 


    So next step is painting everything.


    Best regards,


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  8. 21 hours ago, John Masters said:

    what was the inside of the wheels wells and undercarriage painted?  Interior green or was it NMF?

    From my knowledge interior green was applied on early wwii RAF fighters to proper cockpit only. Even the behind the seat zone was not green. 

    Secondly, the aircraft with painted bottom side had to have all visible parts in lower side colours. Spitfire's undercarriage bays are visible so should be black/white, sky, etc. In your case I guess this is silver so nmf or silver is what I would have chosen. 


    Kind regards,


  9. One more great point about the SH kit is the instruction. 


    Cutaway cockpit views, clear attachment guides for undercarriage, wiring instruction!!! That's all you do not see very often. In fact that is what I call 21st century approach. 

    Another thing I liked is optional propeller attachment. You can just glue it in, or you may make it rotating. Smart approach and even more - rotating airscrew on such small short run kit is a rare choice. Very nice!


    Best regards,


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  10. Ciao ragazzi!

    The last of the four trainers unpacked yesterday. 


    The recent Special Hobby kit of a tiny SIAI-Marchetti trainer turboprop. Classical side opening česka krabice, glued better than AZ one :) Inside you get 4 (!) sprues and a separate sprue with canopy. Of the four sprues one is with armament for the Irish version and one more is with variety of antennae. Also you get a decal sheet. No aftermarcket goodies so a pure OOB project this time. 


    Let's have a closer look:


    The B sprue is very crisply molded with abundance of small details. Instrument panels will be decorated with a decal so would look very comprehensive. 



    Small sprues are also very crisp. Canopy is reasonably thin and does not distort too noticeably. 

    Sprue A is on contrary a bit different. Much softer plastic, not at all very good details. On the lower wing some panel lines are completely lost!


     As you can see I already chopped main parts off and started dryfitting. The result is good. Fuselage content is very tightly packed. Cockpit floor has recesses for gear bays - and that actually perfectly fit! I also tried forward and rear cockpit walls and looks like they squeeze at place sharply. 9 out of 10 here to Special Hobby (10 only goes to Tamiya). 



    Decal sheet is nice too. Colours are spot on. Some stencils are provided too. Seat belt decals are about 1:48 but perhaps I'll still use it. 


    That's it so far. 




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  11. 8 minutes ago, Big Dave S said:

    This one is a side opener.

    I cut it open and taped the ends closed.

    They are a nuisance, I agree.

    Especially strange for a Voodoo size kit!!!


    Let me get you couple advise from my memory. 


    Take attention on intakes assembly. There is a splitter plate that should divide the intake flow from top to bottom but revell did it shorter. I thought it's very visible and added some plastic to close the gaps. 


    Also if you like to make a rotating rocket pod - that should be done with care and dryfitting. The interior "cylinder" does not really match anything. 


    And lastly you may like to decorate main wheel bays with some sidewall structures and wiring. Sidewalls were very useful for me to strengthen the wing. 


    Otherwise should be a pretty enjoyable and quick project despite the size. 




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  12. Okay. Last weekend I started priming assorted interior and some exterior parts for both Cougar and Buckeye. 




    Quite a huge number of bits isn't it?

    I'm not yet fully ready with all of the Buckeye parts as I'm still working on undercarriage legs adding photoetches there. 


    Some more close ups:



    More to come as I plan to add another white primer layer on those parts that would be painted white.


    Kind regards,


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