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  1. Hi there:


    I am working on a Bronco and have to admit I did not see some of these issues - as of yet.  Really keen to hear more.  on some of these - tail boom length - span etc.  Mine is to be a Pave nail machine with wing tanks and under fuselage pave nail rotating pod.  Just about everyone mentions trouble with glass works - yours seemed (pun) to work well.  Also carved out steps on starboard side.

    Pat Martin

    1. Dennis_C


      Hi Pat,


      Let me try to take some pictures against drawings a bit later.


      As to the glass work I would say some drying and fitting is required but no major troubles. Academy did good job in terms of precision.

      I started with front screen and top part and then glued in sides. The only real nasty thing is that plastic is THICK! So top side edge is visible below horizontal framing. Use glue carefully for that joint.


      Also perhaps you need to take more research on smaller details like aerials etc. Academy instruction is not very precise, but my research is only limited to Vietnam USN/USMC aircraft here.

    2. Patrick Martin

      Patrick Martin

      What made you decide dimensions were not right?  Plans?

      I intend to show full interior, windows open, new pylons, open guns etc.

      I have one original VAL-4 slide taken in SVN and a couple USN VMOs.

      Am about a quarter done.




    3. Dennis_C







      Here is what I got while measuring kit against drawings in AOA decals set.

      Wing is 165 mm against 173 on the drawings, boom length aft the breaking point is 52 mm against 55. Of course with unassembled kit it would give better pictures.

      Drawings can be wrong too though, but wing chord is spot on, nacelle shape is spot on. So it least drawings look correctly representing 1/72 scale. Comparison of wing length against computer screen photos gave me same results. So I pretty much trust AOA on this respect. 


      At least that is an area for a modeller to make own research and conclusion. 

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