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  1. Such a shame the kit was incomplete - nothing worse than looking forward to your purchase and finding it falling short of your expectations, and it can in the worst case scenario completely trash your mojo for a project - or at least diminish some of the steam you'd generated. However, in this case, you seem to have handled the setback rather well and made good progress already, I'm sure you're going to make an excellent job of this project. I too had a change of heart with my builds recently and I am also in the early stages of building the Amati Whaleboat - perhaps a little further along having just finished the planking on mine ... it is a whole different ballgame, but good fun. I'm enjoying this new to me medium, some of my old skills (such as they are) are applicable and serving me well, others I'm having to learn and adapt as I go along. I wish you all strength and goodwill with your build, and shall happily settle down to watch your progress. All the best for now then.
  2. This is a very old build now - and gets wheeled out occasionally ... usually in circumstances such as this ....................... This is built from the Revell repop of the Italeri son of Protar moulds. Heavily massaged I'll grant you, but nothing your average modeller couldn't cope with. ............... pics then ... So, with a little work, and some imagination these old "Swift" kits can be made to acquit themselves quite admirably on most any modellers shelf. Andi.
  3. ............................................................................. Now placed in "Vehicles ready for inspection" ... thanks, everyone.
  4. Hello, everyone ... a quick shout out to anyone that was following the original thread to my 806 build, ... well, it's done - well as done as it's ever going to be. There is a myriad of details that could be fettled with, and yes lots of prototypicality issues. But this was only ever an exercise in building the Italeri kit, and in my case using it as a means of illustrating an amusing backstory that I'd concocted. Apologies are perhaps in order because the photo's I include are literally just drive by shots taken to let my head know that it's all done, finished and I can guilt free move on to something else - it's been twenty months in the making and I'm pretty burnt out with it now - so enough with the chit chat ........ here's the pic's ............................................... The pic's aren't the best, are they? - However, if anyone would like to see anything in particular (just noticed there's none of the other side - do'h) ... shout out - I'll see what I can do? It only remains for me to Thank all those that encouraged and supported me through the builds darkest hours - the PB crash etc. So, heartfelt thanks one and all, here's hoping for success in your own individual endeavours ... Cheers!
  5. Not at all ... this is an exemplary kit. Modelled beautifully with a clean and easy style. You have done yourself, the subject, and the kit proud. .......................... Marvelous. PS ... when all said and done this thread has inspired me to make mine own attempt - the subject of which should be winging its way across the Pacific as we speak.
  6. Mark .... good to see an image back in this thread - and what an image ... sublime! ..................................
  7. Thanks Dave ... I kind of figured as much, I was just hoping to be a little different that's all, and especially if I'm to document the build - it would have just helped I think to generate a bit of interest and curiosity. But whilst it won't be a build for rivet counters (by any means) I've been around model shows and club benches long enough to not want to spend the rest of my natural hearing in a very nasal monotone ..."They only ever came in black you know"! Thanks for the input.
  8. Ok ... a random question here ... did these only ever come in black? Anybody know of a green one; I'm talking a "Brunswick green" sort of an Express steam engine green. In my mind I can see one of these with "straw" pinstriping and a lot of polished brass and copper ................................... all of this, of course, may just be me! PS I have google imaged this to bits. PPS ........... I can see it in a dark Atlantic blue as well with straw/red striping.
  9. Well, ain't that the ... Mutts - Nuts? I by far and away prefer this version - kudos for having the nonce to give it a go. I'm unlikely to tackle this as I have so many projects already in the pot - but, believe me, should I ever tackle it? This'll be the one I go for. Bliddy well done that man.
  10. This is a joy and something of a treat to follow, and thank you for making the effort to include clear photography - it helps and is appreciated. As an aside, I'm now searching for one of these as you've re-ignited my initial passion and fervour both for the bike itself and for this model - although I must admit that most of the prices I've come across so far seem rather speculative??
  11. Exemplary work, diligent and dedicated ... you have my admiration. Jolly well done sir.
  12. Stunning model - most excellent build. I was girding myself to finally acquire an example of this when the pound started to fall and just couldn't justify it to myself. Still on my wishlist though and I hope to build it myself someday. Very well done.
  13. Hi, Jeremy - that really does look the part - quick question though? .................. How durable is it? ... Does it require coating, and does it retain it's finish if you do coat it ( as opposed to "greying off")? TIA.
  14. Well just a note to say I bought one this very morning, looking forward to exploring the inside of the box, I have several large scale motorcycle kits and I've always thought that they make such positive "recreational kits" ... I always seem to relax and enjoy them more, there doesn't seem to be the angst involved like a lot of my other builds; - not that I don't enjoy those of course. Such a shame there seems to be a lack of threads on the subject - I might have to start one?
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