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  1. Thank you! That isn't silvering, however the kit is very old. It's a 2004 reboxing of a Heller mould from a long time ago... It is meant to look like that Sgt Squarehead : -- Thanks for your comments and sorting things out
  2. Very muddy old things! But otherwise it's we'll done with everything, they look fantastic and very real :-)
  3. This looks like a very respectable build of an interesting kit mate, the black looks just right aswell and in large quantities I guess that's it's one of the harder colors to make look good. Really nice!
  4. Thanks a lot buddy nice to know people looking at it, Maybe something less simple if you're not a total beginner like me, I'm only just 14 and started modelling about 6 months ago and found this thing fantastically easy with no problems at all. -Dylan
  5. Afternoon chaps, Now it has most certainly been a while since I have posted here, after having a break from modelling over Christmas. However, while getting back into the routine I have managed to bash up this old thing It's the first model I've made in a couple of months and the first I've made with clear parts/transparencies so the windscreen didn't turn out as I expected. It is also the first model with the "Wet Mud" effect using filler, brown acrylic paint and Klear. It is built completely OOB apart from some additional extras in the trailer found in the Spares Box. The next thing
  6. Fantastic!!! Now can you build be one please?
  7. Always like a Harrier, they're one of my favourite aircraft and I'm sure many others' too. This build looks like its on the rails 100% so far and beautiful, mind if I tag along? -Dylan
  8. Mojo slipping away...

    1. Darby


      Mine nearly went earlier when my Klear had blobbed on my Sea King canopy. Cup of tea, cheroot and deep breaths. Mr Muscle oven cleaner and a cotton bud, rinse dry and restore. Calm resumes

  9. Okay then boys, where can I start? It can't be that hard, can it? What do I need then?
  10. The BoB Memorial flight (I think) Douglas C47 Dakota Straight over moi head Very low too
  11. thank you good sir! But yes, I thought I'd get practise on something else or something larger scale first though Thanks!
  12. Thank you! And yes I thought it was fitting. Perhaps it it time consuming but worth the effort in the end Besides, I dare not attempt to rig the darn thing now in fear of losing what I've done
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