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  1. My first 48th, very nice kit. - hope you like it! Best, Ricardo
  2. Guys, I am about to finish the same model in a couple of weeks, so please let's stop commenting on this one so it won't make mine look like crap when I post it, LOL Just kidding... Another absolutely amazing model by Arkady72 - it definitely inspired me to buy the Italeri model and build it. Hopefully it will turn out 1/10th as good as this one! Best, Ricardo
  3. Thank you Warren! I think it just a visual effect, probably worsened by the tires being modeled as perfect circles (no deformation in the bottom of the tire)
  4. Thank you Chris for the information and your comment about the yellow bands, completely true! Best, Ricardo
  5. Great job, I really liked it! Definitely a great finish. I really enjoyed the WIP pictures in the folder. Saludos compatriota! / Best regards, Ricardo
  6. Thank you JWM! Hi Mike! I don't really know, maybe it was a model inaccuracy added to my ignorance. The kit offered either this configuration or no turret at all. Now I am thinking that maybe this configuration was meant to be complemented with some aftermarket pieces, as I couldn't find any reference about this type of "turret"
  7. Hello everyone, Here is my latest model, the Northrop P-61A Black Widow “Lady Gen”, 422nd Night Fighter Squadron, 1944. I really love this aircraft, and I was lucky to find an old Dragon 1/72 kit in eBay at a reasonable price. Built mainly OOB, I only changed the decals (Eagle Editions, printed by Cartograph). Painted using Model Master and Humbrol enamels. Weathering using silver pencil, Flory Models washes, and Tamiya Weathering Master kits. About the kit itself, overall I am very satisfied; especially considering this kit was manufactured in 1994. Great quality of the plastic, no flashing
  8. Great job, I've been following the WIP thread. The end result is really impressive!
  9. Such a beautiful aircraft, thank you for sharing Ken!
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