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  1. OK, so nobody has found the real stuff. Can anyone suggest something similar to that tight weave fabric?
  2. ... and we are as well. Keep us entertained.
  3. Boring update... No, have not (yet) committed hari-kari. Actually awaiting delivery of supplies and metal rods and tubes for the plumbing and linkages I hope to replicate. That will be a challenge and I'll be lucky to get even some of it right. Meantime, I'm prepping the oil pump, coil and other small bits for action. Have most of the transmission linkage done and am working to get the pedals mounted. I actually wanted to get the MMC transmission linkage set (beautiful and $$) but had to keep telling myself that I'm not building a chassis model. The floorboards would cover about 90% of that. So I just went with the Pocher stamped steel bits, painted black to make them less offensive. More soon...
  4. Man that looks good. It's a shame that the uninformed (without the Koo CD or serious reference) can build this car with such glaring errors and omissions to the knowledgeable viewer. That alone would contribute to the 'big diecast' slam. How much would the kit cost if Pocher did all the engineering and covered all the bases??
  5. Just brilliant from top to bottom-literally. Superb finish and your work with windows and lenses pays big visual dividends. The gunmetal-style finish below is subdued and evokes bare steel very well. Nice metallic look to it. And your photography is not slouchy either... You definitely have good eyedears...
  6. This works very well and isn't as nasty as some of the other choices. Floats the chrome off in a couple of hours or overnight at worst. Rinse parts with water. http://www.amazon.com/SUPER-CLEAN-DEGREASER----GALLON/dp/B000CCM63K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405256013&sr=8-2&keywords=castrol+super+clean
  7. The LP400 is my fave but the work on both is superb! They look larger than 1/24.
  8. Although much less part count, I see where this is becoming similar to the classics. Glaring and senseless omissions by Pocher that the fastidious and thorough modeler must do himself. Almost makes the classic's prices seem less off-putting. I said 'almost'...
  9. Meticulous work and perfect paint work. I always loved the 'sparseness' of McLarens. Excellent build and presentation.
  10. As threatened in my GT-40 post, here's the first edition Tamiya 1/12 935, completed in 1989, to inflict on you. I have seen late reissues of this with the SMS PE upgrade sets and that makes this look the laughable work of a blacksmith. But I still enjoy to see it every day in it's case, even with slightly yellowed paint. Sort of adds to the aged, as-raced patina. This is the first car I practiced those techniques on and now I see it's got embarrassing flaws but I still love it. Like I forgot to clagg and brake-dust the wheels. You can see I crudely plumbed-in a fire suppression system and the dry sump hoses, batt cables and brake lines. The AN fittings are toy-like compared to what's available today, but I was a callow youth in my 40's back then. Chipped, bug splattered and dust covered, endurance racers wear weathering and age much more than any other type of on-road race car-I love 'em. An interesting comparison in 1/12: the GT (partially assembled) with the aged 935. Although born of a street car, the decade-newer 935 (raced in 1976) looks huge compared to the 1966 prototype GT. I will affront your sensibilities no longer.
  11. Great color choices and careful assembly. Very nice job and will be a cute little bug! Tempted to slather in mud and rust from your AFV work??
  12. Fox, We're alike on the all-time fave list. As such, you NEED this kit. As I told Mencie earlier, if you decide to get one (better hurry, I read they've stopped production) I'd be glad to show you what I found lacking and what I did about it. Your Rolls is far more of a project so you should have little pain with this one. Yes, I work on the Roller daily but 'life' gives me interruptions. I'll catch up posting soon but my pace is glacial as I'm bogging down with details. Many thanks for liking my work and the kind words.
  13. :blush: If only the Hausfrau called me that... You are most kind. I'm trying to out-do this one with the Roller...
  14. Anyone have experience with genuine Haartz cloth for tops-in 1/8 scale?? I have been searching for my Roller's top to no avail. Found many 1:1 sources but that's just a bit big for scale. I love the tight weave and deep colors. I kind of doubt it but hoping one of you genius builders have a source or a clue. I can't see my project in anything else and that's dumb on my part. Wasting a lot of planning time chasing ghosts. Thanks for any leads or info.
  15. No no Fox, No tutorial needed. Indeed the materials alone suggest your method. What counts is your results are beautiful. My planned course for them is to fab them out of balsa, cover, not sure of final material. I'm pre-occupied with finding scale Haartz cloth for the top and maybe the door kicks. So far no luck. And un-like Roy, I'm not cutting up a Brooks Bros blazer for a top...
  16. Do you never sleep??????????????
  17. By all means-go for it. Be glad to give you a heads-up on the rough and wonky spots.
  18. You're too kind guys-not nearly as good as you all flatter it. One of these days I'll dig out pics of the 935 I did in 'as raced' condition-in 1989 (a quarter century ago!). No PE or resin then and my hack job looks like it...
  19. This has been my primary reference for age and weathering my P II engine. It's actually from the earlier 20-25 model:
  20. 'YES' to a Pocher thread! 'YES YES' to you starting the Alfa, Merc AND the Sedanca!
  21. I knew if you could build something that complex-so well-that you could get a couple of pictures onto a web site! Beautiful workmanship and so glad to have you here. You are much further along than mine is and it's great to see for inspiration to press on. Be happy to share information on any aspects.
  22. While I admire your professional accomplishments, I'd kill for that cabinet full of craftsmanship you have. Thanks for sharing a very interesting life.
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