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  1. Well its been a long time since I've logged into BM and guess who's WIP I look up first!! Glad to say I have not been disappointed! Great work as always Fozzy, looking forward to your next update!
  2. Nicely done, really regret getting rid of my kit, oh well guess I'll just have to get another one
  3. Looks great boet! Love the paint job!! Need to get my bottom into gear!
  4. Wow been away from modelling and the forums for a while now, great to see so much interest in the GB! Guess I have no choice now but to get back to the bench See ya'll soon
  5. Fantastic!! Really like the way the black came out!
  6. Thanks Miggers I'll have a look for one of those panels. Evening guys Perfect day for a bit of modelling dont you think?! Started to work on the flap area today and made some decent progress. Again not 100% accurate more of an attempt to busy up the areas... The flaps are just tacked on for the pictures they will be left off right till the end Here some the well known fit issues I have to look forward too.... Cheers Brenden
  7. Thanks Miggers, by the way do you know it the above PE IP panel would be accurate, I'm finding it very hard to come by pictures... Thanks Rick
  8. Not sure how I missed this entire build!! Looks great, you nailed that salt weathering technique!
  9. Morning Paul, looking forward to the rest of your build oh and welcome to Britmodeller!! Here is a link on how to make your own prop blur: http://fillnsand.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/prop-blur-discs.html Cheers Brenden
  10. Yip know that feeling!!! Not sure how im going to tackle the IP but the kit part definitely needs to be change!! Probably go with some PE, I think the Spitfire MK XVIe IP is almost identical to the MK22 but again I'm not 100% sure!! Evening all After my post this afternoon I decided to do some work on the spitfire tonight. I really did not fancy filling the panel lines, sanding and then re-scribe the kit and have been trying to think of ways around it.... the thought of scribing terrifies me!! I saw/read some time ago about a modeller using tipp-ex to paint over the panel lines so I deci
  11. Nothing new to update, but I am looking for some info/pics, can anyone let me know or have pics of a MK22 Spit in flight just before touch down or just after lift off, I am thinking of displaying the aircraft just after takeoff or landing?? That is a possibility I never used the stuff before... was going to try TippEx or the usual putty and rescribe.. Thanks for the info Miggers, I am thinking of displaying the aircraft just before takeoff or landing, how far down would the flaps be?? Thanks Stu Thanks Kev your work is always top notch!! How is your build coming along?. I've hit
  12. Beautiful paint work!! Really enjoyed watcvhing this build come together!
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