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  1. Here a a comparison build between a Hobbycraft and an Aifix F-86 aircraft. The silver aircraft is the Hobbycraft and the Golden Hawk is the Airfix. Although the Hobbycraft is much older I did prefer this version over the AIrfix. No Measurement just build and details. I thought the Hobbycraft was more detailed. Although they are different versions the basic kit is my judgement point. I added Pavla seats to both models and sprinkled some Eduard Photo-etched in both interiors. Both models used Alclad over Black decanted Tamiya rattle can for primer. Both models have issues with details ,but Photos and distance improve the final subjects. They were both a bit of a challenge as I have to stop in mid-build to get new Golden Hawk markings. I will be better prepared in future. Stopping is not to my forte. I did add Scoops to the Golden Hawk version , I had scoops on Silver bird but was informed these are not presents I removed. Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  2. This is my Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D built in VMF-211 Markings from the Philipines in 1945. This Tamiya kit is fantastic to build and paint. Paint was Decanted Testors Glossy Sea Blue and finished in Semi-Gloss Mr Hobby decanted spray. Uschi Fine line for the Antennas with Bulb filaments for connections. Load was a P-38 Tank and Bomb in support of Army during Philipines I was stuck between Glossy finish and this result. This is probably more real, but the Glossy really looked cool. Maybe next time. Thanks for Looking and Comments are always welcome. Bill
  3. Thanks for the Compliments Colors: Vallejo FS36231 Air War colors used for Trim colors MRP-280 FS 36170 for major paint color MRP-278 HAVE GLASS over-coating Future (or title of the week) tinted black for canopy Cheers Bill
  4. Sorry Andy This is the Kittyhawk kit, without the photo-eched fret. I do not believe there is any other 1/48 model kit of the F-35B. The decals for the VMFA-211 info are custom made by Starfighter decals. Cheers Bill
  5. This is one of my VMF(A)-211 Aircraft. I have one Corsair left to complete a history story of this group of Marines. This model was done with a set of custom decals for the Commander aircraft. I only used the Eduard Cockpit Photo-Etched materials to help the seat. The rest of the cockpit was great I did use the RAM decals for this kit and they were absolutely perfect. Wolfpack RAM is 48-006 This is a good f-35 representation, but it does require a bit of patience in the construction. The CF are a little large ,but I'm ok with them. It really is a cool looking aircraft Thanks for Looking Comments are Always welcome Bill
  6. Great model..you have some very good mechanical skills...Well Done
  7. Thank You for the Positive feedback Cheers Bill
  8. Thank you all for the compliments. The aircraft is from 434th FS, 479th FG, 8th AF. I wanted to create a Natural Metal finish without D-Day stripes.
  9. This is the Final installment of an 8th AF project. The models will be used for a "Show and Tell" for an 8th AF Veterans luncheon and their families. I wanted this shiny for the presentation. I didn't go to much on the AMS. Photo-etched seat and added rivet line in some spots. The four on the nose is actually smaller in photos. Not a bad build for an older model ,but a great deal at $5.00 USD. Uschi line for antenna you can hardly see. Cheers Thank for looking Comments Always Welcome Bill
  10. I would disagree on the wheels...The hobbycraft gear are crisp and detailed. No treads though. Tha Pavla seat is 100% improvement . Ebay says my decals have shipped and should Arrive this week. Cheers Bill
  11. Thanks Guys for Information. Sugar scoops removed from Mk 4. Photos to follow. Cheers Bill
  12. Thanks Guys Flight colors decals are on order and I received a shipping Notice. will keep Jim Botatis in Hip pocket in case of issues. Thank you all very Much Bill
  13. These are what I have Thanks for Help Bill Jeff Thanks for Suggestion. Orded Decals Today Cheers Bill
  14. Thanks Guys I will use your suggestions Jeff...JBOT website states the gentleman had a stroke. Sorry to hear. Some updated Photos This is the Hobbycraft with Kit markings Other view Airfix while I obtain Golden Hawk Markings Thanks for Input and Viewing Bill
  15. One HobbyCraft and One Airfix 1/72nd F-86 Mk 5/6 Fixed wing Airfix and slatted wing Hobbycraft. Scratch-built "Sugar Scoops" on fuselage sides. Airfix will be a Golden Hawk Demo Bird and Hobbycraft will be Natural Metal Out of box. Problem I just ran into is the Golden Hawk decals will not separate form the backing sheet. This is the Airfix Kit...Nice ,but truly I'm liken the Hobbycraft better Hobbycraft kit has a few better attributes . Better landing Gear, Better speed Brake interiors, A little easier to construct because not opened panels. I am using the Pavla resin seats. Left is Eduard Photo-etch, Center is Pavla, Right is Airfix Kit seat (Hobbycraft is a twin of Airfix) These are the Tires I am using one set of Hobby Craft and one set of Pavla Resin.. Resin is the lower set Thanks for looking Comments welcome. More details in very near future Cheers Bill
  16. Friggin Beautiful Aircraft. well Done Sir Cheers Bill
  17. What an Excellent Piece of Art. Wel Done Sir Bill
  18. Thank You Very Much for the Positive Feedback. Bill
  19. Thank You all for your Positive comments Adds to the Pleasure of a finished project, even one as challenging as the P-12 Cheers Bill
  20. This was a huge challenge to my modelling skills. From modifying each brace to modifying the landing gear struts the challenges abounded. The end result was painted with Vallejo Olive drab and Tamiya Rattle can "Camel Yellow" (decanted) Used Steel wire rigging and wish I could have done better Definitely a different concept than a 1/72nd Tamiya P-51. Thanks for Looking Comments are Welcome Cheers Bill
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