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  1. I Assume this is the Gallery location Completed P-38, 394th FS, 367FG Pilot...1st Lt William L Mushrush from Steubenville OH. Lost in Channel 20 July 1944 in transit to mission. Best Regards Bill
  2. Here are a few Detail Photos. Opened the windows and folded back the canopy to show off the resin Interior.. Used Uschi Stretch line for Antenna through a filament spring (that you cant see in the photos) The .50 cal weapons were from Karaya metal barrels and I love them. .Cannon barrel was some Albion tubing. All painted black then rubbed with USCHI Iron powder Finish was Alclad over Gloss Black,overcoated with Alclad Acrylic Clear coat. OD was Vallejo Air set.. Number 106 was the final three numbers of the pilots aircraft. Most decals are from Aeromaster P-38 sheets. Robert what is my next step. I have never done a group build before? Thanks for looking Cheers Bill
  3. Greetings all My D-Day P-38 is complete. Retirement has modelling benefits. I will post a few more photos Later. Have a Dinner Date Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  4. Few Progress Shots Today...Getting to the last 1/3 of the Project. Markings are complete and small stencils are remaining. Markings are for a P-38 of the 394th FS of the 367th FG. Black square to Tail was for the 367th FG ,Yellow Nose and 4N are for the 394th FS. W was added for the Pilot 1st Lt William L Mushrush. Decided on non-worn scheme as this is a Museum piece not a scale replica. D-Day Stripes are hard to view except from below, Guess that was the plan after mid-June. Love shiny fuelTanks ,added some brass wire for more strength . Thanks for taking a Look Cheers Bill
  5. Thank You Rob Hope we can get the Aircraft to match -Up Cheers Bill
  6. Fathers Day Updates...: 1. Happy fathers day to all deserving and hope you have some modeling time awarded...I did 2. Love the Eduard Products...Check out these Items.. I am going for a Shinny Aircraft..Since this will be a Museum Piece. Shiney Nose door..Alclad and SNJ Powder buffed. Completed Tamiya Gloss Black Primer for Base...Decanted Rattle-Can. Invasion Stripes are masked underneath only for a July 1944 Aircraft. Will allow a couple days to Cure before Alclad application Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  7. Couple of Items from Today Starboard Wing may be a bit wonkous ,but no fix. I look forward to seeing this Interior Completed. Spinners Gloss Black primer allowing to cure Thanks for looking. Couple of days for Gloss Black to Cure Cheers Bill
  8. We are moving Along. Ordered this set on Sunday and here we are on Wednesday. These items are gorgeous. They will be the best part of this Build. Some more updates Later... Cheers Bill
  9. Some Construction notes: A. Will be completed by 12 July 2019..Next Club Meeting and Sponsored D-Day contest B. Moving along and a steady Pace Easiest parts..Fuel tanks and they fit well Some of the Grinding for Nacelle Screens These will be Interior Components Some real construction ..Glue and ClampsG Glue and Clamps Thanks for Looking.. Thats it for now...Chore Time Cheers Bill
  10. This is day one of the 1/48 Minicraft P-38. Lots of fun ahead. Starts with terrible Sprue gates. Surface needs help so I will add some rivets Adding some Screens for a bit of detail. Small screens and we move along Cheers for now Hope this in the correct location for the D-Day Build Bill
  11. My Two cents.. All Operations including Pathfinders landed on the Continent on the 6th of June 1944. Based on readings of a "few" books and magazines and published details. Second Comment.. My contribution to the Group Build will be an Honor Aircraft for 1st Lt William L Mushrush, 1st Lt William L Mushrush , 394FS of the 367th FG. This young man was flying a P-38J that crashed into the channel on 20 July 1944, resulting in his death. I will use the kit pictured with Resin Interior and Eduard Photo-etch upgrades. As I do not have the particular details of this Pilots Aircraft I will do a aircraft with natural metal, Lower Invasion stripes( July 1944) and 394th Squadron markings. I will include his name or initials somewhere in the markings. This model ,when completed will be given to a local Scout group who is supporting a museum display for this pilot who is from the local area. Comments? Bill D PS ....I am doing all to Wait for next Thursday and the Starting gun.
  12. Keeping D-Day Fresh/Current Here is a photo of the Local Library Display with Models built by my club ,Three Rivers IPMS, Pittsburgh. Aircraft are all my builds. Display will be available from 15 May through 15 June 2019. Cheers Bill D.
  13. Thanks Guys I figured this Tank would have just left the water on its way off the beach so weathering might not be "Tankish". My concepts on finish Cheers Bill
  14. This is my only armor model in the last 10 years. I am an aircraft guy. D-Day has me venturing. I have found at least 5 different Versions of Sherman's on D-Day so M4A3 was recommended by the Resin makers of the Vents and so that is what I used. This is a Hobbyboss 1/48th Sherman. I used thinned Milliput for the tarps and Gunze Olive drab as I liked the shade(another thing that has 5 or more different shades) Mostly out of box except for the vents from Black Dog, added applique armor to sides ,tarps, Stretched sprue antenna, and wires added for quick release of the vents. Not glass was in kit so a bit of spare clear was added for view in upper turret. Tarps were a big pain in the A!@#$%^SS. Markings were spare decals and Painted Stars Thanks for technical help from fellow Pittsburgh modelers John Bonanni , John Szczypinski and John Russell Final D-Day project until "Group Build" on this Site Comments welcome Thanks for Looking Cheers Bill
  15. Thank You all for the feedback. Cheers Bill
  16. Greetings it is the Italeri kit with all its challenges. Thank you for the Compliment Cheers Bill
  17. Thanks All for the Positive feedback Cheers Bill
  18. Thank you all for the kind feedback. Complete D-Day Group Photos to follow. Cheers Bill
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