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  1. Some folks have FOMO; I have FOMU - Fear of Messing Up.... I have some big, expensive kits, and have added a ton of aftermarket to the boxes in many cases - now I scare myself just looking at it all.....
  2. I'm sorry, I just don't see it.....
  3. Please excuse my ignorance of all things Chippie, but did the harnesses change from grey to blue at some point in British military service?
  4. Cheers, Thom! Not worthy of a pic, but did get a second white primer coat on this afternoon.
  5. Congratulations! There's nothing quite like seeing your name on the cover of a book - savour it!
  6. Thanks for the likes, guys! A week away from the bench hasn't made the kit any better, merely a week older; nevertheless, "以降" * A quick squirt of black over the masked canopy and some pre-shading, followed by a coat of white primer, which I felt would be a good base for the Light Gull Gray and White colour scheme. As the undercarriage and undercarriage bays are also all white, it seemed like a good idea to add them at this stage. Tomorrow will see the metal areas of the rear fuselage painted and perhaps the white undersides will receive a final coat. * Onwards!
  7. Cheers, Steve! Show me how easy it is and maybe I'll be tempted! Great pic! I wonder if my granddad is one of those on deck..... He was an ERA, but perhaps was involved in loading torpedoes?
  8. Wow, what a neat project! I'd join in, but I don't do wood. My grandad was on MTB70 during the War, so this will be an interesting project to follow.
  9. The current directors are the daughter and son-in-law of the owner of the previous company. All public knowledge.
  10. Wings are on. Once again, fit was optional, but Perfect Plastic Putty covers a multitude of sins:
  11. Cheers, Johnson! Starting to look a bit Phantom-shaped: I knocked down the rivets and re-scribed the major panel lines. I had delayed construction a bit in the hope of being able to pick up a cheap pair of ejection seats or some other greeblies to tart it up a bit, but no joy. So I went with the kits 'detail'..... Just look at those highly-detailed ejection seat boxes..... At least the crew figures covered up a lot of nothing. The suggested Medium Gray paint 'for extra detailing' as suggested on the instruction sheet didn't do much - clearly, I had the wrong shade..... Fit is optional, but luckily I have lots of filler and I bought some new sanding sticks yesterday. But I am having fun. Really!
  12. Ditto. Awesome in every aspect......
  13. Well, they seemed to be adamant it was a carrier, and kept posting photos of Courageous to 'prove' it......
  14. Ewen, that's stellar detective work - I appreciate your help! I'd agree that the photo is mis-labelled in all respects and is most likely a postwar shot of one of the two Havens. I'll report back to the FB group with this conclusion.
  15. Well, at least we can agree its not HMS Courageous! It does appear that the area where X turret should be has been built up. Were any others of the class disarmed?
  16. It's entirely possible it's not Pompey at all, but that's what it was labelled as. No idea what those figures are standing on in the foreground - it isn't anything that looks like it's on the Gosport side, but I don't know the Portsmouth side well enough to rule it out. Of course, it's possible the photo was taken at Pompey in a heatwave.....
  17. Well said, Mike! There are too many naysayers eager to poo-poo this achievement. I hope I have the opportunity to do likewise at that age (or before...). What an amazing experience it must be.
  18. Thanks, everyone, for the help! Hopefully, we can come to some form of consensus soon. I think a sloop/frigate of some kind seems most likely at this point, although we may never know exactly which one.
  19. Sprue shots: IMG-0932 IMG-0931 As you can see, there's not much to it. Looky - instructions with real words and all! IMG-0933 These are the Modedecals I intend to use. They date from around 1977-8 IMG-0930
  20. A late entry, if I may? I'll be building a kit that holds a lot of memories for me. IMG-0934 by Paul Bradley, on Flickr This is H-179, the 1/72 F-4E Phantom, a kit that was released in 1976, but is most likely a modified version of Revell's original 1965 F-4B kit (H-110). It would have been 1976 or thereabouts when I first built this kit. My dear nan bought it for me, probably (and rightly) thinking that the dramatic box photo would be attractive and exciting to a 12-year-old budding aviation fanatic such as me. I don't know if this was a birthday or Christmas gift, but I'm sure it would have been rushed to my desk for assembly very shortly after being received. I do vaguely remember painting it in USAF Vietnam colours and using the kit's decals, and being very pleased with it, putting it in pride of place on one of the shelves that ran around my bedroom walls, shelves my dad had put up just for my models. It was one of those shelves that led to this model's downfall as, not long after completion, one of the shelves came loose and crushed the Phantom. I was distraught; I remember a flood of tears. My dad felt rather guilty and bought me a replacement kit - the Airfix F-4 Phantom kit, which I finished as an Israeli AF version as part of my burgeoning IAF collection. But that's another story... So this build will be of that 1976 Revell kit in honor of my dear late nan, who died not too long after I received this kit. I found one of these on eBay for a song - I guess with so many modern Phantom kits, this oldie doesn't receive a lot of love. My intent is to try to give the kit a bit of love, by rescribing, adding some (but not too much) detail and generally smartening it up. It is a near-60 year old set of moulds, so I don't expect too much in the way of sharp detail and fit, but we'll see what I can do. As the original decal sheet is rather nasty - and I don't build Vietnam stuff - I'll be substituting some period decals from Modeldecal for a Japanese ASDF machine.
  21. I am not at all sure of the timeline, except that it's with a batch of early wartime photos. Your thoughts of Black Swan are very promising though - it certainly has a similar outline. How many went into service before being camouflaged? Timewise, I am hesitant to rule out anything, but wouldn't there be a large black pennant number on the hull if it were postwar?
  22. Some interesting answers - thanks, guys!! It is from a small batch of photos that included some of the sinking of Ark Royal and one of wartime Renown in heavy seas. This particular photo is claimed to be HMS Courageous, which it is patently not! But before I go off half cock, I wanted to see if we could ID it. My thought was possibly the Dutch destroyer leader HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck, which did visit Portsmouth shortly after the outbreak of war. But it really is a crappy photo!
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