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  1. Exactly. (The question was rhetorical, BTW)
  2. Isn't this why they are doing the Quickbuild series? And the simplified starter sets?
  3. Arctic Decals does a lot of civilian stuff for floatplanes.
  4. Anyone who lived through the Seventies will remember inflation, brought about by the 1973 Oil Crisis and fuelled by massive labour unrest. While the circumstances are different, we are seeing another large inflation event occurring and there's really not an awful lot we can do as individuals. My stash will last me my lifetime, so I don't NEED to acquire more kits, although I would LIKE some. If I want something bad enough, I'll save and pay for it.
  5. Regarding release dates and pricing, my local hobby store posted this on FB - this is for the US, so make of it what you will:
  6. I think it's a good selection. Their hands may well have been tied by the effects of the Pandemic and by the parent company's financial position, so I'm not too surprised by the relative lack of new moulds; I think we've been spoiled in recent years.
  7. EDSG often shows up with a bluish hue in photos, but it really is a dark grey. As Andre says, you can't always trust Italeri's painting instructions.
  8. Just found this thread. I recently built the original HAS.2 boxing of this kit and it would seem that somewhere along the way, someone has swapped the Mk.8 kit out and put an HAS.2 kit in the box. Which is unfortunate if you were looking to do an 8. However, I see you also acquired the Modeldecal sheet for HAS.2, which is what I also did. The good news is that you can still build a very nice model from the kit - here's mine:
  9. That's the one - I believe he was World Champion at the time. Pity he wasn't using smoke - this footage doesn't really give you the full perspective on how he was throwing it around.
  10. For those curious, the next issues of both Phoenix Scale Publications titles will be available at WH Smiths on January 24th! There's a build of the Revell RazorCrest in PSM. https://www.facebook.com/phoenixscalepublications/photos/pcb.134205272394161/134204895727532 https://www.facebook.com/phoenixscalepublications/photos/pcb.134205272394161/134205232394165 Or digitally, of course.
  11. Well, I can help with a couple of those! It appears I didn't get decent shots of any of the other specific airframes - sorry! BTW, that Sukhoi put on the most amazing aerobatic display I think I've ever seen!
  12. I presume 241 was the flying a/c and 234 was the static, as I only have static shots of 234: What are the other a/c you need photos of? I may have something.
  13. And it is something the owners seem to have forgotten, or simply ignore. If contributions dry up because they aren't getting paid, there won't be magazines. There has been a long history of contributors (and editorial staff) not being paid by these and previous owners of the company, which is why there are so many disgruntled former contributors and editorial staff.
  14. I am told the January 2022 print issue of SAMi is identical to the June 2021 electronic issue.
  15. Interesting that the photo accompanying the article is the TSR.2. But which scale will be re-released? And will they have fixed the trenches and poor fit?
  16. Still mourning the non-release of the 1/48 Bell 206 in 2018, 2019, 2020......
  17. What - are they releasing Model Tractor Monthly to rival Model Farmer Magazine? Part of their Five Year Plan, no doubt, comrade!
  18. Well, a high-back Spit XIV in 1/48 would go down a treat as well, given the lack of a decent one! I was mildly disappointed that they did the low-back, but I was able to convert that to an XVIII so not all was lost.
  19. And somehow that doesn't surprise me.
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