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  1. Good luck and best wishes to all our friends in the Ukraine.
  2. вільна україна

  3. I don't understand the haters either. If you don't like, don't watch. I just mute him.
  4. A band-aid solution would be Aeroplast......
  5. Indeed. I have e-mails dating back to 2009 and I have witnesses who are ranked in high esteem in this business. I do not need to '"speculate". If it is decided that our personal experiences with this company and it's forebears are 'speculation,' then so be it. We are merely trying to warn those less experienced than us of what might lay ahead. Similar to those who have issues with a certain online model retailer.
  6. What speculation?
  7. Proper Preparation for Finnish Cross-Country Skiing, by Willie Freeze?
  8. Weren't they now registered as 666 Printing, or something like that? I guess they ran out of letters to form another 'new' company with....
  9. Looking forward to sitting down with you guys!
  10. The previous owner of the company knew squat about modelling, but fancied himself a hotshot businessman. After my Hunter MDF was published, I was asked what I'd like to follow up with and proposed a two-part datafile on the Canberra. Despite the magazine staff all thinking it was a great idea, the owner vetoed it because "the Canberra wasn't a fighter".......
  11. Over 120K people were watching Big Jets TV at one point today - BBC and C5 interviewed him and there's this article on the BBC, too: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-60434909
  12. He does a good job, although his commentary is a little irritating at times! I discovered these airport livestreamers a few months ago and, yes, they are quite addictive! My other favourite is AirlineVideos out of LAX.
  13. @IanC How quickly did you go through it?
  14. Cheers! I haven't seen the Matchbox F-5B personally, but I understand its OK. The Mystere isn't one of their finest hours though!
  15. A pair of recent completions. First, the Matchbox 1/72 Mystere IVA, done for the Matchbox Anniversary GB over at UAMF: A rather crude kit, lacking detail and subtlety, but once you've filled in all the trenches, it doesn't look too bad. Finished with the late, lamented Testors Metalizer Aluminium. Secondly, the ESCI 1/72 F-5B. This is a definite step up in quality despite being nearly the same vintage. Also finished with Testors Metalizer Aluminium.
  16. Isn't it interesting how a post like this shows all the different methods we use to achieve the same results! My method is to use very warm water, and to pull the decal with backing sheet from the water before it slides off - I find that if a decal floats off the backing paper, it can curl up when I try to remove it from the water. Some brands are more susceptible to this than others. Just before placing the decal, I brush a small amount of Klear/Future in the area where the decal is to be placed. This helos with adhesion and to prevent 'silvering', where air is trapped between the decal and the model. I use tweezers to remove the decal from the backing paper to place it on the model. If a decal brand is prone to curling, I move the decal still on it's backing paper to the model, then slide the decal into position carefully using the tweezers. Be careful not to break it. Once the decal is in place, I VERY carefully use a Q-Tip to wick away any excess water and Klear/Future. If the decal hasn't settled down after drying. I'll use a setting solution such as Microset. As with any new skill, practise makes perfect, and you will in time find your own method based on some of the tips in this thread. One thing I would highly recommend is to try out some spare decals from the kit's decal sheet on a scrap model, to see how they behave without potentially ruining the decals you wish to use on your prized new model!
  17. Nuts, I could have done with that article on Far East Mosquitos... and now I can't buy any magazines in my town as the only proper bookstore closed down.
  18. A forum thread is a conversation. A question or discussion statement begins the conversation, and the replies to the thread starters are the responses. The forum is made up of hundreds of these threads. This particular thread is about creating funny fake book titles and authors. So it's not a thread about real books - there's a separate thread for that.
  19. Did you actually read this thread through, Lum?
  20. Xtradecal do solid colours, but also stripes - which for airliners might be very useful: https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?manufacturer_id=8274&search_direction=asc&keyword_search=stripes&scale_id=89514
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