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  1. Funnily enough, with all the Tornadoes based over here (German in New Mexico, Brits at Yuma and in for Red Flag) they aren't as uncommon as you might think here! But none at this little show! Hot stuff was restricted to a static F/A-18F; the promised F-16 from Luke and AV-8B from Yuma didn't make the trip. Nor did the KC-135 from Phoenix or V-22 from Yuma. So military participation was down over last year - the war rears its head again. A reasonable selection of warbirds, as usual. Lots of pyros for the kiddies and low passes were at a premium. But a show that's worth the trip nevertheless.
  2. Here's a few photos from yesterday's Prescott Air Fair. A small show to be sure, but nice for that. Quite a few warbirds there, and some static participation by the US military - though they didn't fly anything this year, despite the promise of various regionally based a/c. One unusual participant was this US Navy C-2 - hadn't seen one in person before: The Air Foce contributed a new Texan: and a tw**t: Some of the warbirds: And a couple of the other civvies: Enjoy!!
  3. No worries! Good luck with the build!
  4. Ah, I missed that during my search yesterday..... Useful stuff! Was any consensus reached on the difference in diameter, or did I miss that too? Thanks to everyone for replying. That jazz connection is interesting - I wouldn't have thought of that. Jazz was particularly popular in the early Fifties, so it makes sense.
  5. Do you still need a set David? I have a spare Frog set - a bit yellowed, but a few days in the warm San Francisco sunshine ought to take care of that..... PM me!
  6. Still need these? PM me your mailing address!
  7. OK, Hunter fanatics, two quesitons for you, as I've read conflicting opinions: 1. What caused the "blue note" and why is it called that? 2. Why were the Mk.6 and 9 known as the "big bore" Hunters - what was different about the Avon? Just a couple of little mysteries I'd like to clear up!!
  8. Anyone know what's up with Heli Kit News? There haven't been any updates snice May........
  9. Here in the States at least, its not at all difficult to pick up Frog, Matchbox and Airfix stuff very easily and inexpensively. I should think most model shows in Britain have second hand kit vendors? Matchbox did the Gulf War Bucc not long before they stopped production. A Trumpeter Bucc would be nice, though please hold the rivets.......
  10. Certainly not my musical cup of tea then! Hate that whiny stuff!
  11. Paul, send it to me, I'll build it for you!
  12. Who is James Blunt, and tell me why I need to care? ABE Books and Barnes and Noble also offer good second hand book services. There are some funky prices being asked for some books, but no-one is forcing you to buy them! If they are too rich for your wallet, then don't buy it. I have been after a copy of the Ken Delve Canberra book forever, but not at the funny money being asked for by some of these online merchants!
  13. You're welcome! I recently did the Frog Bucc, added a fair amount of detail to it and its looks pretty good to my eyes! I have both the Airfix renditions and will do the NA.39 as the first prototpye, complete with blue paint! I also have two Matchbox and one of those will be converted to an S.1 I almost had a CMR kit for review, but was gazumped.
  14. This is why I stopped getting it - too much modern stuff, not enough historic. The balance was fine for a while, but has tilted far to much to the modern. I do have an interest in modern aviation, but my primary focus is on historics. That's why I have every issue of Wings of Fame, but only about 1/2 of the old WAPJ. To each their own, and I won't be particularly sad to see it go.
  15. Airfix Frog Matchbox CzechMaster Resin The first three are rather basic and have some inaccuracies. The last blows them away but is very expensive. Pays your money, takes your choice!
  16. I was thinking a Coastal Command camo whif, complete with D-Day stripes. Perhaps some 60lb rockets under the wings.
  17. Wouldn't it be great if an aftermarket company produced these? After all, there have been many new FAA kits in recent years in all scales, so they must be popular......
  18. Had mine for about 3 weeks now, and its really nice. Am completing the interior, but put it on hold ofr now while I wait for the Big Ed set. Its not all applicable, but will really help the cockpit and cabin, and with the grills.
  19. Nice work Richard. Really must get mine done at some point.......
  20. Now perhaps a range of 1/48 RAF vehicles? Ambulance, bowser, tractor and bomb trolleys? How about it, Tamiya-san?
  21. You need one of these: http://www.discountmodels.com/color_ross_reference_chart.htm I presume you've tried the usual suspects? http://fbriere.free.fr/250/paint.htm http://www.aoou52.dsl.pipex.com/paint.htm Hope this is of some use!
  22. Already have those, but thanks anyway!!
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