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  1. Like Leigh, I use inexpensive sanding sticks and nail buffers from WalMart - there's really no need to spend a fortune on proprietary brands. I use eight grades down to the final buffing. Subsequently, a coat or two of Future really makes them shine. I have two sets - one of rregular sanding and a set especially for clear parts.
  2. Congratulations Mike! Will you have a presence at Modelzona on Saturday?
  3. Excellent stuff! Nice one of the Typhoon on hold through the heat haze.
  4. That would be the guys at MPM then - I talked to Jules Bringieur back in August and he said he was looking at asking them. So a possibility that an AEW.3 in 1/72 from Xtrakits might appear in the future, should sales of the Revell Gannet prove a potential market.
  5. That's been my mantra, as a kit reviewer for some 10 years now......however, I need a starting point and would like opinions as to which are the best....... Thanks Dave! Who drew them? Thanks Edgar - you wouldn't happen to have a scan available.....?
  6. As we are talking Hunter again, do you guys have any opinions on what the best plans are for the Hunter, and which to avoid and why?
  7. Thanks to Jim and Dave, it looks like I am covered! Many thanks to them!!
  8. Excellent! I'd really appreciate that Dave, I'll PM you my address.
  9. Cheers, Gary! I can't see it (Fortune City is bad inthat respect...) but probably....! It' th e one with the Black Arrows on it. I'd like a hi-res copy of it - 300 dpi - rather than the 72 dpi that copying pictures from the web gives you. Fussy, I know, but when you print them up, the quality is much better.
  10. Does someone out there have the old Airfix Hunter F.6 boxart - the one with the Black Arrows - that they could scan at 300dpi and e-mail to me please? Also looking for the old Frog F.1 box art, should anyone happen to have one of those in their stash! TIA!!
  11. Is this what you are looking for?
  12. Unfortunate choice of word, Johnathon......
  13. You are too kind Mike, thank you...
  14. I'm definitely looking forward to the B(I).8, as I have already built the CA B.2 - and the PR.9 looks attractive too! Then I shall need to buy a bigger house........
  15. Footage at Sky News: http://news.sky.com/skynews/video/videopla...0-1261420,.html Its the last story of the 3 minute video bulletin, sky news headlines.
  16. Useful info Stephen, and a nice website too!
  17. Yeah, well those guys on ARC and HS will always get their knockers in a twist about Airbus. Funny that nothing was posted there about the Dreamliner delays last week........
  18. Whoa, thank you! Stephen, that's pretty darned comprehensive! You work with Hunters? Thanks again!
  19. Hey Jim, you should do one for the April edition of the Journal - Chris would think it a hoot!
  20. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/builds/h...d_hc_p-51.shtml If you like that sort of thing. Mind you, nice price.......
  21. As I said to Jack, if you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring the thing to fly, you could at least spend $20 for some poor IPMS sap to research a proper paint scheme for you...........
  22. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/hc/kit_hc_1716.shtml Thoughts from Sea Fury experts?
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