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  1. Is this any help to you Ed? From the old Aeroguide - classic references!
  2. That's the one that's at Pima now - and he was joking! I used to work at the Valle museum.
  3. I think this is a fine discussion. Modelling is an individual thing and many will say that the Academy Hunter is a fine kit - it is nicely moulded - and leave it at that, while others will want to find out every minute flaw or error. That's modelling! I'd like to find out all I can and make my own decisions as to what to correct, so the more input the better. Thanks to all for their help!
  4. Very interesting stuff, guys; although I shaln't be starting the kit in the next few weeks, I will keep you informed of progress when I do!
  5. Vol 26 #1 and 2 - I can make photocopies if you want.
  6. Cool! It should be there in time for Mike and I to see it! Please keep me updated, Jim.
  7. Without taking this thread too far off topic, Alex, I hope Maya is OK. Robin has had skin problems bsically since birth, multiple allergies and a bout of HSP......... I would highly recommend a trip to the docs for some allergy testing, if only for your peace of mind. Knowledge is power. Paul We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.......
  8. That would just be bloody typical.......! Cheers, Matt; useful stuff.
  9. Hope he's OK. Robin's been home the last couple of days with a virus - temp, headache, vomiting.......she's better now .....
  10. Golly, thanks all for your replies! Aeroclub set and new decals ordered. Luckily, I only paid $15 for the kit...... Now that Revell have bracketed the scale, perhaps a 1/48 is on the cards????
  11. Frog Javelin prototype - the original, not the FAW.9........ Frog Whitley Heller 1/50 Etendard IV, circa 1964 - cool working features on this one! Classic Airframes Fokker D.XXI Heller Thonier Amor boat - very cool looking fishing vessel. Oh, and 2 Contrail Valiants Esoteric? Doyusha Hikone Castle, Imai London Taxi.
  12. I just acquired the Academy FGA.9. So, aside from the undersized 'pit, the undersized wheels, the incorrect jet pipe and the awkward wing/fuselage join, what are the probs with this kit?
  13. I have some parts of my old Modeldecal sheets left. I'll dig them out for you.
  14. Oops, sorry Ed, I misunderstood - I thought you were giving them away! I have a small collection of airshow programs.....
  15. Hey Ed, I just found this post. Is the Finningley program still available, please?
  16. You're welcome! As for a road trip, I'll have to check with the other half - might have to do a sickie!
  17. Here you go!: http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/gnat/gnat.shtml
  18. I am hoping that perhaps one of the Canberras is off to a museum?? They've been sat there at FF for years.....It would be really nice to see one of these move to Pima.
  19. 1/72 Shackleton, Canberras and new Lightnings would be great. Anyone know if Airfix monitors this site?
  20. A warning for younger readers: The ingestion of squirrel fecal matter may lead to exposure to various zoonotic diseases, including but not limited to: Squirrel parapoxvirus Rabies Plague West Nile Virus It should be noted that Squirrel Metabolic Disorder is not transmittable to humans. It should also be noted that, technically, squirrel fecal matter does not contain the whole fruit of theCorylus avellana, merely the indigestible portions thereof. Thank you for your attention: We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
  21. Yes, and I hope to win one of your marvellous awards!! I have no idea exactly when I'll be there, as I'm bringing the family for their first model show....... My 6-year-old daughter will be entering some of her models, so we'll see how she does! But I expect I'll be judging, and I'll keep an eye out for you!
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