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  1. I wouldn't recommend the Canberra as a quick, easy job; quite the contrary! Its a nice kit, but rewards patience........ I'd go for the Hawk! BTW, what conversion set is that?
  2. Thanks for the offer, Keith, but I live in the US so its a little impractical! But if you could possibly scan those photos and e-mail them to me please?
  3. Thanks all. More pictures would be helpful - anyone have any old RAF Flying Reviews for 1953-4? Is this blue anything like Petter Blue? Or perhaps we're edging towards Cornflower Blue? Interestingly, Chevy had a Larkspur Blue in its colour line-up for the mid-fifties..... I'd guess some sort of Sky Blue would be a safe bet. Haven't we gone all soft and pastel.......?
  4. I would like to build a model of the Swift WK198, the speed record breaker. Does anyone have some photos of this a/c, and does anyone know what colour scheme she wore for the record attempt?
  5. I would like to build a model of the Swift WK198, the speed record breaker. Does anyone have some photos of this a/c, and does anyone know what colour scheme she wore for the record attempt? OOOOPS, sorry, wrong area........
  6. Apparently, THIS is the aircraft: .....so if anyone has an idea of the serial......
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warship_%28TV_series%29 The theme went "da dahhhhhhh, da da dahhhh. Da da-da-da, da-da-da-da-dahhhhhhhhh..."
  8. Oh my stars.......the new Trumpeter kit is going to be $50 - that's 25 quid!!!!!!!! Must be the cost of incorporating all those rivets...... I bought an HC kit, with all the Cooper Details resin and three sets of aftermarket decals at the KC Nationals for $5.......
  9. Nice one, Mark! Who needs the Trumpeter kit, eh?
  10. Your welcome. Well, they weren't made for a Sunday drive up the autobahn, were they?
  11. Here's a couple I took of one of the French-built ones a couple of years ago. Basically the same layout as I recall, though a French a/c expert can help here. Anyway, the pics:
  12. Hopefully, the F.3 boxart is not representative of what will be in the box - that's an F.1A....... Oh, I forgot - I'll believe it when they are released.........
  13. No worries, Edgar, I hadn't done anything with the info yet - waiting for Christmas when I'll have some time. If I create a pattern and e-mail it to you, could you please have your friend take a gander at it, see if I'm on the right track? Cheers mate!
  14. Welcxome Lorenz! PJ Production does this RAF chap: http://www.pjproduction.net/index.php?productID=263 Others with more knowledge than I can tell you if the RN Total Immersion Suit of the period looks anything like that!
  15. Thanks Edgar, I appreciate it! I assume they were the same for the light fleet carriers such as Hermes as well?
  16. I did some time ago, Graham - no response! I even suggested it to James Corley in person, as he does US and Japanese carrier decks. He wants good photos in order to get them right, and I don't blame him, but I guess these are a bit hard to come by. It seems no-one pointed their cameras down at the deck between 1940 and 1982.......... OK, the models I am planning are the Heller Illustrious, Taranto raid, and the Arromanches as Ocean in Korea. I did get some useful, if contradictory, info on Illustrious at Taranto which I can work with. The deck section I'd like to make is for either a Colossus class or Eagle class, or both if they are different. It would just be big enough for one or two 1/48 models. That way, I can display some of my post-war FAA models in a realistic operational setting. I'm sure I can't be alone. If I get enough info to make a master, I might even produce some for sale. But I need the info first!
  17. I went to Armourama as Nev suggested (Thanks Nev!) and got a file that looked just right. Here's the end result: The tarps and kit bag are putty rolled in tissue paper. Doesn't look too bad!
  18. No worries, David! One of these days, I'll make it back for a purely research trip, but not this summer......
  19. Cheers, guys! What I'm after is just a section of deck so that I can place a model or two on. Navy Days photos, pics of your friends playing deck hockey, anything that clearly shows a section of the deck.
  20. Excellent, Jen! Fine build; I am sure your client will be well chuffed!
  21. Well, this didn't get any takers in Ships, so I thought I'd try it here..... Does anyone have a good clear close up shots of the deck of British a/c carriers, specifically, the old Illustrious, Colossus and Eagle Classes. In particular, I'd like to see the spacing and patterning of the tie downs, and the deck markings and colours. With the resurgence of interest in British naval aircraft, it seems inconcievable that no-one has yet produced a resin deck section for these types, so I am going to produce my own......... TIA!
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