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  1. Any British aircraft featured? Any historic aircraft featured?
  2. You've done a good job, Mo. But I am disturbed by the rhetoric about Classic Airframes. They quite clearly state that their kits are for experienced modellers. It's on the instructions, its on the website. I've built a number of their kits, and have about 10 more in my stash. They are intimidating and difficult to build, especially for modellers like myself with two lef tthumbs, but I went I with my eyes open and knew what to expect. With reviews of their kits all over the Internet, no-one can say they didn't know what they were getting. Personally, I think Jules is to be commended for choosing subjects that no-one else dares to touch (Although Trumpeter are now cherrypicking his most popular subjects, it seems). Is Classic Airframes the new Meteor?
  3. I have BoB: Then and Now Mk.IV and it doesn't have a Warmwell plan, and no useful photos. The 1978 Airfix Annual For Aircraft Modellers has a nice article by Peter Cooksley about BoB fighter dispersal pens, with many photos and a set of plans.
  4. No worries, I'll stick it in the mail for you; just return it when you are done with it. Nope, can't go to VB.
  5. Hmmm, it looks closer to 50 to 55 degrees to me, but then I don't have access to the real thing. Paul
  6. I'm sure there are some minor differences, in the panel layout for example, but AFAIK, the RAF C was also an analog cockpit rather than digital.
  7. HMS Westminster badge? Wouldn't that be a money-grubbing politician? Seriously, try this picture. If you click on it and enlarge it, the detail is quite good. http://www.shipspotting.com/modules/myalbu...4677&cid=23
  8. I have just about finished one, but it is a review kit, so that has to be published first. Sorry, them's the rules. What I will say is that, overall, it is a nice kit. The blades are not correct - they'll need an angled extension on the trailing edge of each blade to make them look more like the fibreglass blades used by British Chinooks since about 1982. I would strongly recommend the Eduard PE cockpit detail set, otherwise it looks a bit bare up front. Pay special attention to the instruction book and reference photos to ensure you get the right aerial fit - lots of fiddly bits on the underside! The Royal Air Force script on the side is the wrong style - you'll need to source your own or make 'em, as I did. Here's a pic of the half completed beastie: Look out for an extensive build article in IPMS/USA Journal later this year.
  9. There's nothing like a good book. Nothing against you guys, buti fI had the choice between the Internet and a good library, I'd choose the library any day. I have over a thousand books; not a large library by any means, but a far, far better reference that the internet. As for the cost of my hobby, well that depends on the kit and the reason for the build. I get review samples for nothing (except my time of course!), and I have a stash of old Airfix kits that I've bought for pennies that are great stress busters. But then I recently bought the Trumpeter 1/48 Wellington and I hav ethe Big Ed PE set to go with it, so there's $200 without an aftermarket decal sheet that I will need. The real question is not how much it costs, but what do you get out of it.............
  10. Cool! What kits were the Gazelle, Hawk and Devon?
  11. This thread any help? http://www.britmodeler.com/forums/index.ph...mp;hl=raf+fonts
  12. Well, I was doing one, but the work fell badly behind schedule and I couldn't get all the complicated pieces to fit, so I made an E-3 instead.
  13. Cool! Now I might have to get one........
  14. I have a set of those 1/48 Aires cans, and they are extremely nice; far, far superior to the kit parts. Those Meteor 1/32 ones don't look nearly as good. Weird!
  15. Two I took in Oz at the Bicentennial Air Show at Richmond: Nice tail markings.
  16. I expect you'll be meaning this one...... ...that I only bought just recently, of course...........
  17. Mike, I have Airfix, Matchbox and Frog 1/72 kits, plus the Airfix 1/48. Would you like to borrow the relevant bits?
  18. http://www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk/Pages...tail_Index.html
  19. This from Art's website: http://www.nallsaviation.com/updates/15.htm And in any case, isn't the definition of a good landing "one that you can walk away from!"
  20. Not so much a bad landing as an undercarriage failure after a systems failure. http://www.aeroplanemonthly.com/news/Priva...ews_165005.html A bad landing you could blame on a bad pilot. A systems failure you could blame on a bad design..........................
  21. I'd be up for a set. And while you are at it Mike, how about turning it into a sheet of British aerobatic teams - could then include such teams as the Blue Herons, Yellowjacks, Red Pelicans (with the AIrfix JP back)?
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