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  1. Correct. The Heller Illustrious kit offers different decals for Victorious.
  2. Hey, you are most welcome Phil! Any chance you could scan and post that photo of Illustrious? One of my long term projects is also Illustrious at Taranto.
  3. Phil, you see your album in Photobucket? Each photo has 4 web addresses listed underneath. If you left-click on the bottom one, it will copy the address that you require - then just paste it into your message. HTH! Nice model by the way! And his other photo:
  4. Yes. See here: http://www.cbrnp.com/profiles/quarter2/typhoons-1.htm
  5. D'oh! That'll teach me to read the post properly....... Now, as the Plastyk Hunter bears absolutely no relation to any Frog Hunter, or any other Hunter kit for that matter and is, I strongly suspect, an original mould, perhaps the Javelin is too. It would be nice to confirm. And what other kits have Plastyk done? Are they still in business?
  6. Damien, I have both old Frog kits. Do you have sprue shots of yours?
  7. Splendid! There's a whole laundry (or rather, dhobie) list of worthy subjects that could come from this! Personally, I'm hoping for 1960's/70's/80's Hermes, Leander, Type 22, O-Class, Ark Royal and Amazon, in 1/600 or preferably 1/400!
  8. Nice one, MG! Will '222 be on the same stand? It woul dbe interesting to display them together.
  9. Hugely impressive. Was this guy a movie modelmaker?
  10. Thanks for the info - I shall be building mine in 203 colours, as my dad got to fly in one on a familiarisation flight back in the early 70's. He was on the Oberon, I think, and they took a bunch of submariners up to give them the "other" perspective on things! As an aside, do you happen to have a photo of that Lindholme gear? And great model there, Sandy!!
  11. I have this kit as well - anyone know what the proper term for the green is? Is there a BS-equivalent?
  12. Grey green condoms? I didn't realise they needed to be camouflaged......
  13. By co-incidence, I saw an MH-47 of some variant fly over the office about 15 minutes ago. Noisy bugger!
  14. Exactly. You'd think they'd go for something original......like the others in his flight?????
  15. POst Office Red is available as an Xtracolour, from Hannants of course.
  16. What's astonishing is that there are 3 kits with a total of 15 decal options and only 1 of those is Royal Navy.........and 3 guesses which one that is........
  17. And I'd like a Ferrari instead of my Accord too.......... If wishes were horses!
  18. Now available from Squadron for $44, or 22 squid. http://www.squadron.com/ItemDetails.asp?item=HC1716 Fisher is $195. So you could buy 4 and a half HC for one Fisher. Pays your money, takes your choice.
  19. This from the excellent Warpaint Barracuda: Lots more useful pics and profiles in that book!
  20. Not for an HC.1; if you have the Italeri kit, you are very much on your own. But for later versions, try IPMS Farnborough, or this one: http://www.wokka.co.uk/
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