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  1. Thanks guys! Judging from the sparse internet info, it appears there were two early Etendard IV prototypes, one land-based (no arrester hook) which was NM, and the other was the naval version and carried a dark something over white scheme. I have the very old Heller 1/50 kit (with all the working features!) which depicts the naval version but doesn't offer any colour info. So I would be interested to see those photos Graham, if you have a chance to scan and post them?
  2. As we seem to be on an Etendard roll at the moment, does anyone know the colour scheme for the Etendard 1st naval prototype - with arrestor hook, but without the nose ventral fairing. Was it dark blue over white, or dark grey over white? Anyone have a nice photo - I can't find any that are worthwhile on the internet......
  3. So what you are really saying Damien, is that Airfix should pull their fingers out and do an all-new set of Javelin moulds, with the set up such that different marks could be released in time? Thought so!
  4. Cheers lads and lasses! I used Modeldecal generic sheets for the roundels and serials. The kit provided the stencils and, as I say, the Airfix kit provided the yellow 19s. Those could be made fairly eaasily on the computer. Th eonly other exception was the yellow walkway decals on the wings, which were from the MA 2003-4 RAF Display Hawk decal set that I happen to have. I suppose those could be made from fine yellow striping from the spares box as well, as I originally planned to do. Certainly looks different on my display shelf!
  5. This is the new display Hawk colour scheme for 2008, as seen elsewhere on Britmodeller. This model is the Fujimi 1/72 straight from the box - yes, i know about the inaccuracies, but ask me if I cared. Decals are a mixed bag from my spares box, including the yellow 19 from the new Airfix 1/48 Spitfire I - yes, I know its a little big, but its passable as far as I'm concerned! Fun little weekend project! Enjoy!
  6. Very cool! What's the underside colours?
  7. Well, I like them, Fred! I particularly like that Navy T.7 - nice colour shceme.
  8. Ditto on the B57 - quite ugly. Bring on the Brits!
  9. Nice job! And SO much more interesting than dull, grey F-16s.......
  10. Sorry to take this thread off track, but that was a classic display. The first post-Falklands one, so there were lots of a/c from the war and tons of captured Argie stuff. Happy days for the spotter!
  11. Here's two blasts for the past: XP924, Yeovilton, 1982: And XS577, Hurn, 1984 Definitely not cream.......!
  12. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  13. 1. No, it wasn't tinted. 2. It is incorrect. I made my own using an off-the-web RAF font (sorry, can't remember where, but readily available), or you could see if Xtradecal does a generic sheet. Size? Using photos, I guessed..... (Ahem, puts on best John Noakes voice:) And here's one I made earlier Full build report upcoming in the IPMS/USA Journal, but for now, be aware of the rotor blades, and bubble window positions! Use photos of your subject where possible.
  14. Cheers Mr. Jag! It was a fun build, always intended to be put on a stand and as the kit lacks a decent U/C, that's the route I'd recommend. As Dave says, for an early version, you'll need to removed the extended leading edge, but that really shouldn't be too dificult. As long as your friend isn't expecting anything too highly detailed, this is a good and inexpensive way to go. There's much to be said for some of these older kits!
  15. I built that Hawk Swift just recently for a GB - here's a review and build report: http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php...permarine+swift
  16. I'll second the PJ figures - top stuff!
  17. Thanks for that Tony. i sent them an e-mail asking about their products. I'll let everyone know what they say. Couldn't agree more, Mike, well said.
  18. Given the softness of the detail and the general poor quality of the mouldings, its doubtful they are from the original moulds. It was my understanding, from a similar discussion on another forum, that these were not licensed copies. Of course, that information might be wrong. KiTech doesn't have a website, so no way to contact them. If anyone out there has definitive info, I'm sure we'd all like to hear. I too have limited funds for my hobby. I'm as cheap as the next guy, buying stuff on sale, cruising the dollar bins at the Nationals and local shows, waiting for the Squadron flyer. I also buy stuff from the local hobby store at full price on occasion, to help them stay in business a little longer. It helps salve my conscience a little. We do what we can. I personally would not knowingly buy a cheap knock off. But that's my choice. We are all different.
  19. Call me a "do-gooder" but as soon as I realised, I pitched mine. Yes, they'd already made their money, but that's not the point. Let's what if for a moment. What if someone was making illegal copies of, say, TwoMikes Resin sets (just to pluck an example out of the air) and selling them cheap online. Would anyone here buy them? If so, what's your justification?
  20. I bought the 1/48 F-111 out of curiosity. It is a cheap knock-off of the Academy kit. The decals are crap. From what I have heard, I do not believe they are licensed copies either, though I stand to be corrected. If these are unlicensed copies, then you will, as individuals, have to wrestle with the ethics of illegal copying.
  21. Thanks for that Jim - glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way! Sorta Fury - I LIKE that! Nothing worse that hearing a Sorta Fury back-farting; nothing better than listening to a Bristol Centaurus purring. And don't get me started on the stupid colour schemes! And David, I don't think anyone is shooting the messenger.
  22. "New York, New York So good they named it twice...."
  23. Ever seen this site? http://www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk/ It's the bee's knees for Bucc bits.
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