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  1. Superbe! The close-up shots show just how great a job you’ve done. John
  2. I admire your perseverance ( or is it bloody-mindedness ) with the tiny PE, but don't forget the golden rule: " If it won't be seen don't do it. " John
  3. Try ICM or Ultracast, both do pilot figures. John
  4. An F-4C centreline tank 1/32 kindly donated by @Scout712, thanks Michael. I was given a Tamiya 1/32 Phantom many years ago and have been collecting bits and pieces for it ever since. All I need now are the correct seats and I can get started. Don’t hold your breath!
  5. Beginning to look like a SuE now. The thing that stops me buying more Kitty Hawk kits is the bad fit ( last one was the Jaguar, which was terrible ) but the plus side is they always include lots of stores. John
  6. Have you thought of asking Tamiya to sell you the cockpit sprue from their 1/32 Mosquito, I did that with a 1/32 Revell Spitfire. Perhaps you’d think that was cheating or too easy., I’m happy for any help I can get these days. Stay safe. John
  7. Thanks @Sabrejet that’s disappointing. I have used the Red Roo conversion set before. Perhaps some enterprising organisation nearer to home will come up with something. Sorry for the hijack @franky boy. John
  8. I’m in, I like an F-86. In your sprue shot there are pieces which looks suspiciously like wing slats but the wing is ‘ hard ‘ with a fence. Is it possible to build a slatted wing version from this kit? John Edit: just seen the multi page thread here on the kit so I’ll go back and read it properly.
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