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  1. Thanks for your kind comments. I also have a shot of the stack being illuminated by spotlights..
  2. Thank you guys. I was a bit nervous about posting the pictures as it's my first build. I learned a lot from the build and know that I will learn a great deal more in the years to come; it's a fantastic hobby and I can't wait to start my next build...
  3. The land touchdowns on extendable legs, SuperDraco engine, 3D printed engine chamber and heat shield look very interesting. Amazing!
  4. That's interesting gregg, thanks for letting me know. I guess there are other differences too.
  5. I am thinking of building the Saturn V at 1/144 as my next project. I'll probably get the Airfix model based on the critique of members from this post. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your encouraging comments guys! I appreciate it. I really did enjoy the build and hope to 'weather' the model for a bit of "realism" once I gain more experience.
  7. Hi, I am new to modelling and this is my first build using any form of modelling kit. I acquired all the paints and materials and set to work. The little time I had after work was spent making this model. I know that certain elements of it are not correct, such as the ribbed external tank, size of the mobile launch platform, the tail service masts etc. I do not have the modelling experience of technical ability to scratch-build also. (I understand that Airfix produce the same scale stack with correct external tank and shuttle shape etc..) and I tried my best with mixing the colours for the external tank, although it is not particularly clear in the photographs. I also used tile decals for additional detail. I would like member's opinions on my first build and my pursuit in the modelling hobby. I enjoy reading the forum and hope to make another model in the near future, perhaps a 1/144 Saturn V?
  8. This is my favourite build, absolutely incredible attention to detail; as someone new to the hobby I find it inspirational and educational. Thank you Manfred.
  9. Hi, I am interested in obtaining the Cutting Edge 1/144 Space Shuttle Tile Decals, unfortunately they appear rare as hen's teeth. I understand that these are out of production since Modelworks are no longer trading. I have been on a popular online auction site to no avail; the 'Warbird' tile decals are however available, but I would rather procure the Cutting Edge decals if possible? I have written to Keith McNeill with no response via his website too. The Ed Bisconti Orbitor Decal Sets appears to have dried up also for one reason or another. I would like some advice if there are any other after market tile decals for the Space Shuttle 1/144 available? If there are any, or if anyone has a set, then I would be very interested hearing from them. Thank you
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