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  1. Hi Nigel, I like the scheme and look forward to seeing it completed. Its a bit frustrating with the masking and the adhesive on the tape, etc that creates unexpected problems but no doubt you will get it sorted.
  2. How did I miss this build thread!? A S-61N, one of my favourite helicopters! A brilliant subject to build Aaron. I do have some where on the shelf of doom a 61 that I started building using a couple of Airfix Sea King kits using the old Airfix Magazine article. I did take it into the club one night years ago. I am looking forward to watching your build, maybe have to dust off some my part build helicopter projects. I am sure I have some old photos of G-AYOM plus quite a few of the other S-61N's used by Bristow's, British Airways Helicopters and North Scottish Helicopters when I was working at Sumburgh. I will have to do some digging and see what I can find. Martin
  3. I am looking forward to watching this build, another unusual subject to get the Nigel treatment. Martin
  4. Hi Nigel It was great to see the P.60 at the club meeting last night and I am looking forward to the next update. I think everyone is building faster than me at the moment, even Duncan. Martin
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