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  1. What aircraft do you consider to look the coolest in NMF, and is there a kit and decals of it? Derek
  2. What an interesting thread!. From a quick read through ( I may have missed some of the small print), I can't remember anyone emphasising the enjoyment factor of building something relatively affordable, available and looking in most respects near enough the real thing. Surely this was the way of the world when Frog, Airfix and Matchbox were the only game in town for most of us. It is obvious to me from most of the comments here that there are a great number of people on this site who really know their stuff when it comes to certain aircraft, ships or armour. Criticism or comments from them are often constructive and useful to any manufacturers who are willing and still early enough in the design process to take on board and make amendments. Sometimes these will not be economically viable, or the product has already been put on sale. These comments can then be helpful to those modellers with the skill and inclination to try to make their work as accurate as possible. It seems to me though that non-constructive comments or blanket dismissal of products due to a company's past performance are of little use to anyone. Personally I think that one man's peach can be another man's lemon. If I don't know where every last rivet should go, it is not the end of the world. If a kit is easy enough to build, does not cost an outrageous amount of money, then I can enjoy building it. If I ever feel the need to build something with complete accuracy, then I can obtain as much reference material as possible, see the real thing and photograph it from all angles and then sit back and wait for the day when some manufacturer will actually make one for me.
  3. Thank you gents. I did wonder about the cockpit. I know there are resin replacements available, but I did wonder if they would be worth the effort and expense.The exhausts and ejecion seat sound a good idea though. Derek
  4. Are there any after-market resin or photo-etch parts which are really recommended for this kit, or is it good enough out of the box? If any resin parts are really beneficial, are they an easy fit? Derek
  5. Thank you all for the advice. I know Tamiya have an excellent reputation for build quality as far as aircraft are concerned, so it doesn't surprise me that the same applies to their armour kits. I also like the idea of starting with a vehicle that doesn't have a particularly complex system of wheels and tracks. From an aesthetic point of view, I rather prefer what I presume are the older types of vehicles. In other words, I think a tank should look like a tank, covered with lumps and looking like an apprentice piece from a Clyde shipyard. Some modern tanks look far too smooth to me. I would also appreciate any advice on good research websites, especially with walk-around photographs so I can get an idea of what the original looked like. Thank you again for all advice. It is greatly welcomed.
  6. I have been building aircraft kits for some years now and decided some time ago to dabble in the black arts of armour modelling.You can probably guess my thinking: " Slap a load of glue in its general direction and then cover it with thick, gloopy, mud-coloured paint." Well, I had a look at the selection on offer at my local model shop and picked out a kit that I thought looked how tanks should be.It was a Dragon 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. C. On a visit to Telford shortly afterwards, I recalled what a friend had said about Friul tracks and duly bought some for the aforementioned tank. Having now opened the box and had a good look at the contents, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I may have done the equivalent of buying an F! racing car before passing my driving test. It occurs to me that I may be well advised to try my luck with something much less complicated first before embarking on the Dragon kit. Can anyone recommend a more suitable entry-level kit to start with, and are there any good research sites I could use when the time comes to embark on the Dragon kit? Thanks in advance from a somewhat nervous newbie.
  7. Hannants have now announced that this kit from Tarangus is now in stock
  8. plastic-stasher

    BAe Hawk

    In a recent build thread, it was pointed out that there is a thin plate running almost the entire length of the trailing edge of therudder at right angles to the airflow. Does anyone know if this is fitted to all Hawks, when it was introduced, and what is its purpose. Thanks in advance Derek
  9. I hate to say this, but you may stand a serious risk of nasty things happening if you don't match the paint shades exactly. You know what people are like! (or was that ARC I was thinking of?_
  10. Just the job, thanks! Ordered some today. Derek
  11. Does anyone know of the existence of 1/32 scale Mk10b seats with the early-style headbox?
  12. Concorde? Drat! I was hoping it might be something to do with Wallace and Gromett
  13. WOW. I don't normally look in here, but I am so glad I saw this lovely model. Derek
  14. I suspect that with a bit of weathering and the canopy glued shut, it would take more effort to prove your choice of colour was marginally inaccurate, than most fellow modellers would deem worth while.....assuming they had noticed in the first place. Derek
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