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  1. Lovely! I've just picked one of these up for myself.
  2. It still looks pretty big in itself, I've not built a Tiger ii before, it's on 'the list' though, wouldn't have room for a 1/16th beast at the moment, maybe one day in the future though as I'd love to have a go at one.
  3. Is that a 1/35th scale next to it? Amazing work, you should be proud, a year and a half well spent I'd say.
  4. Looking good! I'm building the same tank on 'the other forum' in the WW1 group build, I also had a few issues with the crew compartment, so maybe we're both stupid?? I really didn't enjoy bending the parts......
  5. Such a great looking 1:1 isn't it?! I've heard horror stories about this kit too, you seem to be making a good go of it so far, keep it up.
  6. 88mph if you want to travel through time though my friend
  7. The fact he got arrested for drug smuggling suggests his moral compass may be slightly off as well, there are always two sides to a story aren't there.
  8. When you open the box, the kit looks very 'toy' like, especially the scale pilots (which I left out), but it's a fun build due to the sheer size of the thing! I did open up the engine vents and installed some mesh so you could see a bit of engine detail, but apart from that, everything else is straight from the box, builds into a nice model, and due to the size of it, you could REALLY go to town adding scratch built detail if you wanted to.
  9. Once again my photography skills probably let me down, for my next project I'm definitely making a booth of some description! This was just a quick build after reading Robert Mason's Chickenhawk book, so I thought I would build a Huey after it sparked my interest. It's a big ol' beast, won't fit in my cabinet, not sure what to do with it now I decided to paint the shark mouth rather than using the kit decals, think it turned out ok. Couple of mistakes here and there, and some silvering of the decals which has annoyed me, the Revell ones seem really thick and impenetrable to any kind of softener, so beware if anyone is reading, you need an ultra glossy coat to apply them to, I used two coats of Klear but obviously wasn't glossy enough. Fit is ok, not great, plenty of sanding required on the seams but comes together in the end, main colour is Tamiya Olive Drab XF-62. My heavy handed approach managed to break the skids as well....don't ask....I patched them up though....I did want it to look a bit beat up and 'used'! Happy with how it turned out in the end.
  10. Lovely looking model and dio! Not sure you have quite enough hairy sticks in your arsenal though
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