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  1. Gary29

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    I might even have a go at painting the shark mouth, don't think it would be too difficult to mask, I'll post up my progress, will be a few months before I'm working on it though. Thanks for the tip on the glass, will definitely do something similar with mine.
  2. Gary29

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    What did you use to turn the upper windows (above the pilot) green?
  3. Gary29

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    I've got this in my stash, will be next on the bench for me, yours looks great, hope mine looks half as good! And yeah, it's a MASSIVE kit! I picked mine up for very reasonable money.
  4. I HATE threads like this...... that make me feel COMPLETELY inadequate, just when I thought I was making good progress with my own skills as well!! Only messing, awesome build! Will be keeping a close eye on this one until it's finished.
  5. Gary29

    How to fill plastic gaps?

    Another option is thick CA glue and baking powder sprinkled on helps it set quickly.
  6. Gary29

    Best Tamiya Group B kit?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just to re-iterate that I'd LOVE to build a 6R4 or an S4, I'm guessing my chances are still zero?
  7. Gary29

    french MAA4 Sherman

    Tres bonne!
  8. Gary29

    M4A4 Sherman in Europe?

    What an awesome restoration!! Would love to have the time and resource to take on something like that! Have you been out on it? Very envious!
  9. Gary29

    Quick build

    Nice job, your 'daughter' is very talented, I'm sure the teachers will be very impressed with 'her' work!
  10. Gary29

    Chieftain Mk 11

    Looks like it just rolled out of production, nice to see one that's not all beat up and battle scarred.
  11. Gary29

    7000 bhp dragster!

    Rebuild after every run, so around 4 engines per mile
  12. Gary29

    Ginetta - where's the love?

    I can't find the Knockhill race the boys are referring to higher up as it only aired a few days ago so the highlights aren't up yet, but here is a race from the same series earlier in the year, the most impressive thing is the age of some of these drivers (15-16 yr olds!) makes for some great 'no fear' racing, enjoy
  13. How does the 'hair dryer treatment' work then? Use microsol to put them down and just use a hairdryer to heat them to further soften them?? PS Model looks great by the way! This Toyota has always been on the fringe of getting built by me as I'm a big fan of 90's WRC and have built Subarus and Focus in the past.
  14. Gary29

    Days of Thunder Group Build

    'Ain't nothin stock about a stock car Cole' Loved this film ever since I managed to sneak in to watch it as a young lad and I think it was rated '15' at the time! Great project, good luck with it.