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  1. Excellent - thank you! We'll contact the Shackleton Preservation Trust, maybe they are interested!
  2. Three panoramas of the outside, and eight of the inside, from bomb aimer to rear gunner, should provide a lot of detail to anyone building a Lancaster! There are only three Lancasters in the world that are not stationary in a museum: The BBMF Mk.III PA474, the Canadian Mk.X FM213, and NX611 "Just Jane". This virtual tour has been created for the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby. Almost all details are labelled, many explained, just move the mouse cursor over an item of interest. Click here open the panorama, and switch to full screen mode! If you are interested in future aircraft panoramas, please sign up to our mailing list! A bit more about the virtual tour can be found here. Next to come are a Tiger Moth. If you can think of an aircraft that could benefit from such work, please let us know!
  3. The de Havilland Vampire WZ507 is well known to the British air show scene, a rare cold war jet fighter preserved and flown by the Vampire Preservation Group, based at North Weald airfield. This interactive cockpit panorama has been created for the Vampire website - it's enormously expensive to keep such an old warbird flying, and the panorama is meant to attract visitors to the Vampire website, join their Supporter's Club, or even become shareholders. Click on the photo below to open the panorama, and switch to full screen mode! If you are interested in future aircraft panoramas, please sign up to my mailing list! A bit more about the panorama can be found here. Next to come are a Tiger Moth, and complete virtual tour of one of the iconic WWII bombers. If you can think of an aircraft that could benefit from such work, please let me know!
  4. FoxMalcolm, thanks! I agree that a rotating prop would have been very nice indeed. The problem is that such a panorama isn't a video, it's internally using a large number of still photos for each zoom level. It's possible, with quite a bit of editing, to create a realistic, blurred view of what a rotating prop would look like, but that would have meant creating a second panorama, and switching between the two. I've done a similar thing with the Lightning cockpit, where you can "switch daylight on and off", but "just" for the prop to rotate, the amount of work (and the extra number of files on the server) seemed a bit out of proportion. A solution might involve quite a bit of Javascript programming, that's an option I'm considering for the future!
  5. Finished an interactive panorama for a client, Aero Legends, based at the WWII airfield Lashenden/Headcorn in Kent; This Spitfire, TD314, built 1944 at Castle Bromwich, has been recently restored to the highest standard, the only not authentic part in the cockpit is the radio, and that's discreetly placed in the original map box. The panorama is best viewed on a device with a mouse cursor - if you hover the cursor over an item of interest, a description and, for items out of view, a still photo will pop up. You can fire up the Merlin engine - just press the Engine Start button! Link for non-touch devices Link for touch devices If you are interested in future aircraft panoramas (also online is the English Electric Lightning and Canberra, and the Duxford Catalina), please sign up to the mailing list!
  6. The Duxford-based Consolidated PBY5A Catalina has a slightly more modern cockpit than the a wartime Catalina, but it might still be of interest: An interactive panorama of the Catalina cockpit - lables for all the switches and instruments will follow. This is part of a complete virtual tour of all five sections of the Catalina fuselage, and there will be another panorama, overlooking the Catalina, taken from one of the huge blisters. Also online is an interactive panorama of an English Electric Lightning cockpit, and a virtual tour of an English Electric Lightning Canberra - cockpit, bomb aimer station, and navigator station. Next to come is a very detailed panorama of a Spitfire Mk IX cockpit.
  7. The Lightning cockpit interactive panorama has moved with a completely new version of the website, the new address is http://www.haraldjoergens.com/panoramas/lightning There are two versions, one embedded in the page, and, via a link, a "full window" version. Of course it looks best, if you have Flash installed, in full screen view! Those interested in Catalinas might be interested to know that a complete virtual tour of all five section of the fuselage of the Duxford Catalina (PBY-5A) is currently "work in progress".
  8. Thank you, jenko and MPaul! No Vulcan yet, but if you know a really interesting aircraft, I might have a look what can be done.
  9. This might be of interest to some modellers: For the Military Aviation Museum Tangmere I have created interactive panoramas of two of their English Electric aircraft: The Lightning F.53 (ZF578) and the Canberra B.2 (WE113). Both work best with the Adobe Flash Player installed, and in full screen mode. Although they work on touchscreen devices too, all the information explaining the bits and bobs in the cockpit shows up when the mouse cursor is moved over an item, and, without a mouse cursor, all the detail information is not available on touch devices, unfortunately. The Lightning can be switched between "day"- and "night" mode, with the instrument lighting switched on. The Canberra virtual tour has three detailed panoramas - cockpit, bomb aimer station, and the navigator station. Please let me know if you find any problems.
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