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  1. New releases from Procal decals: 348 TRS 60 YEARS F-4E AUP ROUNDELS AND NUMBERS
  2. New decals from Procal in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32: 338 sq Ares go to Riat 2017 338 sq Ares Phokel 2019
  3. ZEUS GREEK DEMO TEAM is now available in all 3 scales (1/72, 1/48 and 1/32) from PROCAL Decals. Product SKUs: 72-801 48-801 32-801 All measurements done on TAMIYAs 1/48 model that is most accurate model. No need any specific resins for fit decals just buy any model you want (we suggest Kinetic in 1/48) not because is the best butonly because is the most complete . The way decals are designed fit in most models with eligible deference's in scale. As extra we give (1/72 and 1/48 scale) the inside and outside exhaust petals and also the most information's about the details for a correct Greek F-16 (such the external front plates and details for ACES II) AND COMPLETE stencils.
  4. New products from Anyz models now available at HOBBY Colours: AN001 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:32 / 1:35 Part 1 (white) AN002 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:32 / 1:35 Part 1 (black) AN003 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:32 / 1:35 Part 2 (white) AN004 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:32 / 1:35 Part 2 (black) AN005 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:48 Part 1 (white) AN006 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:48 Part 2 (white) AN007 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:48 Part 1 (black) AN008 Universal Labels and Stencils 1:48 Part 2 (black) 50 Precision cotton swabs TYPE 1 50 Precision cotton swabs TYPE 2
  5. Discounts & Special Deals valid until 31-March-19: HATAKA Paints: 3ASY2MCVAEFB • 60% off 16 collections • Minimum purchase of €5,00 • Active until Mar 31, 2019 AKAN Enamel: 5FYBQ3JV4W37 • 40% off 12 collections • Minimum purchase of €5,00 • Active until Mar 31, 2019 RP Toolz: 5RBWJ6HWRBRN • 20% off 37 products • Minimum purchase of €10,00 • Active from today until Mar 31, 2019
  6. Eagle Aviation announces the ultimate book for the F-16! Viper Under The Skin – Special Edition: F-16 Fighting Falcon, the “Viper”! The most successful, mightiest and agile fighter in the globe. A true legend of jet aviation that inspired modelers and enthusiasts more than any other aircraft, the F-16 seems as a masterpiece of aerodynamics with its splendid flying virtues, its powerful engine and the innovations that it introduced, such as the side stick, the bubble canopy, and the excellent blended wing-fuselage shape. After the huge success of the first edition, Eagle Aviation is proud to publish the ultimate guide for the modern Viper, a unique 600 photos book that uncovers every aspect of the F-16C/D/E/F Fighting Falcon. Cockpits, fuselage details, landing gear, engines, and avionics are thoroughly presented throughout the totally redesigned book both in content as well as in size. This Special Edition is redesigned with over 75% new photographs and offers 44 extra pages and larger size. (144 in total in A4 landscape format). What is unique however, is that this is probably the only publication where the experienced modeler, as well as the serious enthusiasts, will discover all the internal parts of the jet shot during heavy maintenance like the engine bay, fuel cells, APU, hydraulic systems, flight control actuators etc. as well as all the modern ordnance (no practice rounds) from AIM-120Cs and AIM-2000s up to AGM-154Cs and GBU-50s. Further to this several users of the type are presented. The reader can find detailed illustrated information for aircraft in use with over 10 Forces including USAF, Israeli, Hellenic, United Arab Emirates, Polish, Singaporean and Chilean Air Force as well as some other Air Forces from all around the globe. Yet another F-16 book in the market? As every publication has its own purpose, Under The Skin books series books are designed having in mind the appetite for capturing through the photographic lens almost every disclosed detail of the aircraft in focus. And this SPECIAL edition F-16 Viper Under The Skin is a true representation of that! Book size: 285mm x 205mm Number of pages: 144 Number of photos: 600 in full color Photo processing and printing quality: All photos are processed vigilantly, color by color, to match the exact tones of the real parts of the jet so that the reader gets a clear and accurate picture of the subject. All detail shots are captured and processed in a way that diminishes shadows leaving no disclosed areas. The book has been printed in high-quality printing facilities in glossy three layers 135gr paper with the best quality inks in the market.
  7. Eagle Aviation Publications is in the honored position to present a new legendary title: "70 years 337 Squadron". The story of the legendary Air Force Squadron in an epic book. 96 pages of rare historical material and many action photos from F-16 operations. It includes unique descriptions from the protagonists of important historical events such as the creation and action of the "Hellenic Flame", the shoot-down of the Turkish F-102 and the action of the F-4E at the Imia crisis.
  8. Arms and Weapons from RES/KIT - In stock!

  9. New figures from RES/KIT

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  12. Προσφορά - 50% έκπτωση σε όλα τα HATAKA Acrylic Paints 17ml (ισχύει μέχρι 28 Φεβρουαρίου) https://t.co/cUtHRCA3NQ

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  14. 50% Discount on HATAKA Acrylic Paints 17ml - https://t.co/rhPDc6UkGc

  15. New products from RES/KIT now available at @HobbyColours https://t.co/LOaikq7gj4

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