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  1. From left field to right field, new products coming in 2016. We will be accelerating our releases and bringing some more mainstream items having cut our teeth on niche interest which has done well for us so far. The F-20B is a great kit and very different from other releases as we learn at each kit. Hope you enjoy and like the releases as they come. Watch our Freedom models EU Facebook page for more information soon and thanks for posting about us.
  2. Thank you everyone for keeping us going. Looking forward to providing you with quality Stay tuned for me. Thanks again VP for the support.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Freedom-Model-Kits-832469846768673/timeline/ Optional open or closed canopies. Two crew ladders included. Recessed and positive rivets. Beautifully scribed panel lines. Schemes yet to be finalised. Plastic pictures are up on you tube.
  4. Hi all, Just announced on our Facebook page and at the Tokyo Hobby Show 2015. No date yet.
  5. Lovely work Spencer. I guess this is in the November issue? Look forward to seeing the article very much indeed.
  6. It was a compromise for those who wanted open panels and didn't want to scratch build new doors. The idea is to allow for all eventualities, if that's at all possible. The modeller who wants scale thickness can scratch build their own new doors using a coke can (or whatever) and then add their own ribs, from scale plastic or whatnot. He or she then wins and gets what they want. The modeller who just likes the doors open to show off some gubbins (and for those who are not interested in scale thickness) is satisfied because the ribs and detail are done for them. The modeller who doesn't want to open the panels is happy because theres nothing for them to do. Why wouldn't you want them included if we can include them? We took the opinion that it was worth doing to be innovative and to listen to our customers. THAT is our priority here. If you don't want these details we can easily go backwards and not bother with the engineering or CAD time. However, I don't think that is what the masses would want so we will keep adding little touches like this to make modelling more enjoyable to everyone. I know it's hard to please everyone and perhaps that's why companies don't bother. However, we are different. I hope! Regardless, we added easy to cut panel areas to help out those who want to open the panels because we can We also took the opinion that it's hard to get the doors to fit right if they were opened up by us. Most modellers complain of having to fill those areas where they don't want to open the "doors" and the engineering is wrong. We looked at it from a different perspective. Why not give modellers the guide and the capability rather than dictate? It's up to you now. Open or not.
  7. Thank you sir. Did you notice the "ready to cut out" sections? Hold the nose up to a light source and you'll see what I mean
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